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nordic immigration

Nordic immigration

Immigration is one of the hardest issues to tackle in many countries of this generation. In order for us to impose policies on immigration, we need first to gather actual and accurate data. It is only possible to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of migration if we have gathered data. Economic and humanitarian significance of immigration can be pictured out with proper data.


What language do you need to speak in Miami?

If you don’t live in the US, or you live somewhere in the Europe, and someone asks you which language is spoken in Miami, your immediate response will be English. As a general rule, all of the world knows that the American residents speak English and since Miami is in America, English speakers would be there in abundance. But that’s not the real case here, Spanish has become a dominant language of the region, and the majority converse in Spanish on daily basis.

divorce problem

Administrative divorce problems when you are married with a foreigner

Administrative divorce is a procedure that allows married couple to bypass court ruling and dissolve their marriages in a streamlined and uncontested process. The administrative divorce is faster and less expensive than the normal method of separation because it lacks involvement of the court. It is usually reserved for couples that have no children. It is usually preferred by parting couples because it is swift and straightforward. Parties do not need to have a ground to sever their marriage for this type of divorce. Their application for uncontested divorce will be approved as long as they mutually agree to end their marital consortium. The couple is required to appear at their local registrars upon filing their case unlike contested divorce which is done inside the court.

translation errors

Funny Translation Errors

The biggest reason a lot of people turn to the internet today is to check out the latest memes and jokes. Reality is frightening and that’s why the comfort of humor is something all of us reach out for. Late night shows, TV series, movies, everything has some element of humor these days to please those who are too tired of living in a scary world. Even companies these days use memes to communicate with their potential customers because jokes are the only language the people of the internet get. For many, it is also a way to cope with things that are otherwise too difficult to handle. People make fun of their insecurities so others won’t. They joke about their trauma because that’s the only way they can talk about it.

Minions Speaking

What Languages Are the Minions Speaking?

The human mind is fascinating in everything it does. It keeps facilitating our lives. If our minds didn’t come up with the ideas of all the inventions we have made so far, we wouldn’t even know what we were missing. Our minds think of everything and help us prepare ourselves for the worst. It was the same mind of ours that came up with the idea of forming words together to make sentences. Without this idea, we never would have made languages and never would have been able to communicate with each other. Stringing together words is probably the most fascinating thing our minds can do.

certified translation

How Fast Can I Get A Certified Translation?

According to the recent stats, millions of people turn their gazes upon the search engines for their required searches. The internet has an abundance of options for every area. The time when people were accustomed of going out and finding their desired service through physical offices and shops is outdated and out of use. Such practices were anything but quick.
It is a common thing that when we need something particular, we have to be thorough, checking every aspect in detail, doing in depth analysis and more.

difference between a certification and an affidavit

What is the difference between a certification and an affidavit?

With hundreds of different types of articles and documents, confusion are always bound to happen. Some people might take a simple certificate to an affidavit, especially if they are not keenly aware of the differences. One of the most common confusions happen when people are dealing with an affidavit and a certified document. While the two might look the same, in fact even their contents can sometimes by the same as well, there are a handful of important things to consider.

danish to english translation

Danish Translation Services

There is a race going on in the e-commerce zone. Everyone is trying to surpass the achievements of their counterparts in one way or the other. Translation agencies are no exception. The utility of linguistic services in all spheres of life has made it impossible for people to stay ignorant on how much they need language assistance. But for special languages like Danish, one must have a clear understanding of what to expect and what to provide. In this article, we would like to educate you on the matter.

Which Translation Certificate Does USCIS Approve

Which Translation Certificate Does USCIS Approve?

Our whole lives are based on reward and approval systems. Even before we start comprehending things and how the world works, we learn this that we will get rewarded for doing the right things. We knew early enough that we will only get approved by our elders if we don’t do naughty things. When we go to school, we develop the same relationship with our teachers, a relationship that is based on conditions. You get approval if you fulfill the conditions. As we grow up, we realize that our whole lives are based on these same principles. When we continue to be the ideal friends, our peers approve of us. If we refuse to be a part of their silly practices, we will be rejected by our peers.

Icelandic Translator Audio

Where to Find Icelandic Translator Audio?

Everyone has a different preference in life. Some of us never prefer audios. We don’t like phone conversations. We reject people’s calls and then text them straight away to ask what’s up. Sometimes this preference is rooted in social anxiety and can cause problems in practical life when you have to make and attend calls. In order to make sure it doesn’t get difficult in future people can try to make a couple of calls every now and then. Maybe you call a delivery guy once and consider it a success for that week. Or maybe try to talk to your best friend on the phone and see how it works for you.