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If you are ever in need of website translation services it is important for you to make sure that you get these services from the professional providers in the industry. There are so many reasons why professional service providers will help you out. One of the main reasons why you should do this is because professionals offer you website localization. In the world of business today, website localization is something that you cannot take for granted. You need to make sure that you have your website properly organized so that you have a better chance of getting the returns on the same.

The internet business is currently one of the most common sources of income for most entrepreneurs. For this reason, website translation service would be a good idea, because you have the chance of venturing into deeper territories without having to worry about a thing. Businesses are breaking the boundary threshold and reaching out to conquer new territories. This is one of the best prospects for success at the moment so far.

It is a fact that most people will only buy from websites which provide information in their own language, even if they know English. We, therefore, endow your website with translation in multiple languages, enabling the chances of augmented sales. NordicTrans’ web team is able to convert your website into a multilingual one, or to localize your website to a specific market.

Website Localization

What we can do for you

Go Global

Go global

Your website is nowadays the best way to promote your products and services, targeting as many people as possible. If your website is in English you are able to reach out to all English speakers, but if it’s in Swedish, you’re only addressing to about 10 million people. Think about the advantages in having your website translated into English and get in touch to talk about your needs.

Go Local

Go local

International businesses have a hard time reaching out to local markets as people are more inclined in buying products if they are presented in their native language. That is why localization was invented, and we know how to properly localize and adapt your website to a specific market, giving you the opportunity to address your future clients in their own language.

Go Multilingual

Go multilingual

Although known as the language of the internet, English is not the only language out there. If you want to maximize your reach and your sales, you should be considering turning your website into a multilingual one. Think about the benefits in having extra languages on your website like Spanish or Chinese and come talk to us about the strategy and associated costs.

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Website Localization Servise From NordicTrans

Need website localization services?

Your website is the face of your business in the online world, therefore it needs to be focused on gathering new clients from all over the world. A monolingual website won’t cut it, you need to translate your website in as many languages as possible in order to attract those customers that don’t know enough English. It is well known that visitors are more eager to read your site or buy your products if the website is written in their native language. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity then our website translation services can help you.

We have special teams of professional translators, web engineers and designers who are ready to take on any task! If you need your website translated and localized to a specific market, we can provide it for you.

With us, you don’t have to worry about anything. Asking for a free quote will only take minutes as our project managers are always available on live chat or any other means of communication. Our web engineers will then study your website and we will come up with a quote. Once you’ve accepted it, our teams will start working on your project. When all is done and uploaded to your website, our QA team will begin their final checks and make sure that everything is working the way it should be.

You can get updates on your job at any time through our live chat support, the project manager assigned to you will give you all the information you require.

Website Localization to Break the Language Barriers?

Cyberspace has taken the world by storm due to its tremendous features and ease of use. Things now are just a click away from information to products. This convenience is fast becoming unavoidable. Since it’s reachable anywhere and everywhere, your website will be the main source of information, your company’s front door in the online environment and as such, it needs to address to as many people as possible. In you’re using any other language, globalize your website by getting it translated into English and reap the benefits this will bring you.

The need for a good website translation service is of utmost importance, especially for those who need to break barriers of entry into new markets. It allows you to be able to interact with your visitors and customers, without having to worry about loss or lapse in understanding through the communication process. One of the biggest challenges that users have so far at the moment is the fact that they normally want to get these translation services done so fast.

There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, our speciality in translating into the Nordic languages is something that you will truly benefit from. Not only are we able to get the translation and website localization done for you, but we also have the capacity to ensure that when you request these services, we can deliver for you in record time. With this in mind therefore the last thing that you will ever have to worry about is any lapse in the processes of your business, because NordicTrans will deliver over and above your expectations.

Website Localization to Break the Language Barriers
What Do We Offer

What do we offer?

Ask what we don’t? You will be amazed to learn how much we have to offer and that at reasonable rates:

  • Website globalization, where your non-English website is translated and adapted to an international audience;
  • Multilingual translation, where we translate your website into more than one language, giving you the chance to reach more people in their own language;
  • Website localization, where your international website is translated and adapted to a specific market.

We can have this done in two ways:

  • We provide the translation and you add it into your website on your own if you don’t want to give access to your server;
  • We provide the translation and we add it to your website while converting your platform into a multilingual one.

But there’s more. Our website translation services also come with translation for your images or infographics, but we also take search engine optimization into account. With us, you are sure your titles, descriptions and on-page optimization is done by us, so you don’t have to actually lift a finger.

Along with website translation services we also provide translation for business documents, so you can have your off-site marketing materials translation in the same batch.

The advantages of translating your website

You might wonder, is it necessary to translate your website when you already have a growing business in the local market? Let us give you some reasons why you should consider using website translation services.

Global expansion

Your business might be reached a plateau where it originates from, but you can expand it in the global market where you’ll be able to reach much more clients which will give your business a boost.

Increase in customers

There are millions of people using the internet daily and expanding your business globally on the internet means you will attract new customers and they will be more inclined in buying your products if they are presented in their language. Hence, the translation of a website can increase the number of potential customers.

Competitive edge

By expanding into a country where there is interest in your products, and translating the website in their native language, you will be one step ahead in the competitive industrializing businesses over people who have not yet reached those states.


An international brand will be embraced with open arms, and if you localize to a specific country, the locals will have more trust into a product or brand that is marketed like a local product or at least is presented to them in their native language.

The Advantages of Translating Website

Don’t know how to do it? With us, you don’t have to!

If you’re worried about not being able to upload your translated content into your site, you don’t have to. Our team will translate, localize and proofread your content, our designers will modify any image which contains text and our web engineers will upload everything to your site and make sure everything is in place and working.

We don’t leave a job unfinished, so when you use our website translation services, you can rest assured WE are doing all the work!

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