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How do we use language?

Determining the history, all the ancient civilizations used some sort of device for communication. This device is not technological but rather natural. We call it language. Some civilizations such as ancient Egypt used hieroglyphics to convey their ideas while others such as Indo-Americans knotted ropes in a specific order to communicate. Since the beginning of life, Communication was gestural until people learned to speak. This learning leads to the development of different World languages some of which are still in use.

Where to get your employee handbook translation at affordable price?

Putting multilingual HR and employees all in one place is a difficult task for every HR department. Several studies have clear highlights how the language barriers with employees impact their training, productivity, optimism, and well-being. These factors can cause serious problems such as high employee turnover, customer care service issues, and other legal problems, which all can generate an earthquake in the company’s bottom line.