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International translation of driver’s license

Are you planning to drive in a foreign country? Are you looking to get your driver’s license translation in the official language of the country where you are going? NordicTrans is able to provide official translation of driver’s license, recognized at an international level. We have a proficient team of translators and proofreaders who are well-versed in international translation of driver’s license. We work over 120 languages and provide you the best quality driver’s license translation service.

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Why you need translation of driving license?

A driving license is a document that is officially given to a person to run motorized vehicles. Each country has own traffic laws and rules; it is compulsory to have a driving license while driving. Each driving license is assigned within their jurisdiction. It is valid for driving any motorized vehicle, bike, car, bus, jeep, truck or any other such vehicle in the issuing country. In the case of international driving licenses, those are booklets assigned by the government of the particular country or agencies that are authorized by the government.

When international translation of driver’s license is needed?

  • If you are moving overseas and think that you will be given a temporary driver’s license if you show your driver’s license from your native land.
  • The job you applied for requires a driving license, and you are including your license in the application. If the driver’s license was issued in your native language, then it will need to be translated.
  • You may also have a personal and particular situation that may require that you get your driver’s license translated.

Each country has different laws for getting a driving license. Before getting behind the wheel in a different country, you will need to check with the the embassy and collect all the necessary information concerning the requirements for a license. Some countries allow you to swap the license while others may require comprehensive analysis and tests before you get the local driving license. In any case, you will need to have driver’s license translation in the official language of the country you’re planning to drive in.

We can do it for you

official translation of driver's license

Official translation

We are entitled to provide certified translation for the US and for the UK and as such, we can translate your documents for both countries. Whatever you need to have translated and from whatever language, we can do it for you in 24 hours or less!

from any language

From any language

We have yet to see a language we can’t translate! Although we are specialized in the Nordic languages, we do translate just about anything else as well. Whether it is Swedish, Chinese or Tamil you have to have translated into English we have translators for any language.

low price

Low price

Despite others charging premium prices for driver’s license translation, we surely don’t. We provide the same level of accuracy and superior customer services at a lower price because we care about our clients. If you need to have your translation done fast and for cheap, we are the best choice.

NordicTrans is an officially certified translation agency and a leading provider of professional and certified driver’s license translation. Having experience in working with a variety of clients, we understand that each translation is different and each client has different requirements to be addressed. Your driving license will not only be translated by a native speaker of your target language but will also be fully certified, inclusive in the price.

Calculate your certified or notarized translation cost now!

International translation of driver’s license

A certified translation is often needed by U.S. and UK Immigration, high school and university application and enrollment, passport office usage and many other local, state, and national government official uses. Certified translations are delivered on NordicTrans letterhead and include a signed and stamped Certificate of Translation Accuracy, which attests to the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation and the qualifications of the translator. If certification isn’t required, we also offer general document translation, which is delivered in an editable format and is typically used for business or personal purposes.

In any foreign country, if you are planning to drive, you must have a certified translation of your driving license. Our certified translators have translated more than thousands of driving licenses. No matter which country you are traveling, contact us to get the best driver’s license translation.

Keeping your original license with yourself is essential. Even though our certified translation of driving license helps you get your driving license translated don’t forget to carry your original license along with your translation document.

international translation of driver's license
how to get your translation

The steps to get driver’s license translation

NordicTrans is here to ensure that the international translation of driver’s license you will get is free of any possible errors. We have established a system that will provide you with the best of translations.

  • Initial Translator – The first translator will conduct the initial translation and make sure that all the content is accurately translated.
  • Second Translator – Now the second translator will review the initial translation and make sure that no aspects or sections of the content are left without translation.
  • Quality Assurance – Our quality assurance team will ensure that text is accurately translated and then send the final translation to the client.

All of these steps are there to make sure that the official translation of driver’s license that we give to our clients is precise and will make you proud of using our services.

You can always chat with us live if you need more information or you can order directly. Simply get in touch and send us a copy of your document and we’ll give you our quote. If you agree to it and pay for the translation, we will send you the translation in 24 hours or less.

Choose Your Translation Service Provider Carefully

It is essential to choose the right provider for international translation of driver’s license. A driving license needs to be translated very precisely due to the brief nature of the information provided in it. For this reason, in order to get an accurate driver’s license translation, you can rely on our highly skilled translators for safe, secure, accurate translations and timely delivery.

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