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Each day we come across more and more people who need to have their documents translated from another language. This is something that really makes sense, considering that business has pretty much come full circle in the past. The need for business or legal document translation services is particularly useful, and important, considering all the things that you can get done when you follow this. There are certain things that you need to have in mind when you are looking to make good use of the document translation services that we offer.

Why count on us for your translation needs?

Accurate Document Translations

Accurate Translations

Every project that comes our way is treated with care and professionalism. Three professional translators, specialized in your field and natives of your target language will translate, edit and proofread, leaving no room for errors. Need us to use CAT tools? No problem, we can use any CAT tool or memory technology you require. Your translation is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, done according to your requirements and perfectly localized to your target market.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

When you ask for a quote, one of our project managers will have a look at your document and asses available resources. Based on available translators, a deadline is set for your project and sent to you by email along with the quote. We always try to come up with the shortest deadline we can. If the quote is accepted right away, we will deliver before the deadline. If the delivery date is not what you expected, you can get in touch with us by live-chat and we will see what we can do to deliver even faster.

Low Prices

Low Prices

Are you fed up with extra fees and hidden charges? Get in touch with us. We have a flat rate for any language or field of expertise. We do not employ shady tactics like hidden charges, we don’t charge separately for editing or proofreading. Even more, there are no extra rates for rush jobs, or jobs needed to be completed over the weekend. You will be charged the same price if you need to have your translation tomorrow or next week. And to top it all off, we sport one of the lowest rates in the industry!

What we can do for you

NordicTrans provides high quality document translation services from and into over 100 languages and sports some of the lowest rates you can find. We have specialized linguists on just about any field and we will carefully select the linguists based on their experience in the industry the document is all about. With us, you will never have a medical translator working on a business document!

Translation for Business

Translation for business

NordicTrans is a leading translation agency when it comes to translating and adapting your content in order to grow and strengthen your business. All the international businesses covet the European market for its strong consumers and deep-rooted interest in the international products.

We are here to present your product and services in a manner that will perfectly fit the new market. We cover any and all languages and make sure that the translation that we conduct is in sync with the expectations of the target market. Call now and get accurate business translation services at low rates.

Legal Translation

Legal translation

NordicTrans is here with some of the best legal translation services in all the European languages. We cover over 100 languages spoken all over the world. This means that even if you are translating from one lesser-known European language to any other language, we are here to get you the translation that you need with our 500 language combinations.

We are the best in the translation business for European languages because we only use native speakers, specialized in the legal field, and make sure that the translation is edited and checked by two other native speakers.

Medical Translation

Medical translation

NordicTrans is aware that the people who move or travel a lot find themselves in the unfortunate worry of getting a medical translation for their medical files.

We are here to deliver accurate medical translations not only for individuals, but for medical corporations as well. Well-known medical companies trust us for translating their drug documentations, user manuals, clinical trials, just to name a few. You can always count on us for your medical translation needs with expert translators who are native speakers of your target language and have a proven background in the medical field.

Technical Translation

Technical translation

Are you in need to get your technical documents translated into a European language like Finnish, Danish or Icelandic language?! Are you wondering where to find a competent translator?

Worry not; NordicTrans is here to give you the best translation experience that you will find. We are working with professional translators specialized in the field and we are able to provide accurate technical translations for any document you may have, no matter if it’s a simple user manual or a 40-page technical research!

Certified Translation

Certified translation

Certified translations are highly needed by thousands of people immigrating to the US or to the UK. We are well-aware of the regulations of each country and we are able to provide certified translations for any personal documents, translations that will be accepted by the immigration offices in the UK and in the US.

The translations and the certificates of accuracy that we issue are done according to the rules of the legal body requesting the translations, and are guaranteed to be accepted.

Notarized Translation

Notarized translation

Notarized translations are translations that are cleared by Notary Public. This becomes a challenge when you need to have a notarized translation for university admission or for immigration. With us, you no longer need to go to a notary public in the US or in the UK in order to get the translation notarized, we will do it for you.

NordicTrans is here to give you what you need at an affordable price. We are the proud translators of over 100 languages and provide notarized translations from any language into English.

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Get more while paying less

The translation industry is huge and you will find all levels and all sorts of translation agencies working around. They will be promising you a lot in terms of quality and delivery time, but that doesn’t mean they will keep their word. You are the one who has to choose the best agency for your needs. We believe that a person who has to get some services done should always look up for the best and do some research about it. It is always a good idea to go with the agencies that have proved themselves in the field. NordicTrans is one of the leading translation agencies for a reason: we always go the extra mile to fulfill the needs of our customers. This is not an empty promise; we actually deliver accurate translations at low rates.

We are here to provide document translation services for any field, from and into just about any language. With us, you can rest assured that your translation will be accurate, perfectly adapted to your target market and delivered in due time, without having to pay premium fees. Translation is our business, and we do it right no matter what.

Get more while paying less
TEP translation

How do we ensure high quality output? We only use TEP (translation + editing + proofreading)

We take pride in providing highly accurate document translation services for any field. We take special precautions and every job that comes in goes through our rigorous workflow. The project manager in-charged with the project assigns 3 linguists which are natives in your target language and well versed in the field your document falls into like medical, legal or technical, and each linguist has its separate role in the translation.

We use the so-called TEP (translation + editing + proofreading) workflow, which means:

  • one translator, native of the target language, well versed in the field, translates the document
  • a second translator edits the translation, and makes sure there are no sections left out or errors
  • a third linguist proofreads the work, compares it with the original and makes sure the tone and meaning of the original message is perfectly conveyed in the translation
  • our Quality Analysis team checks the translation for any inconsistencies and finally delivers it to the client along with a quality report

Know Exactly What You Are Paying For

We spend a lot of time and put in quite some effort when trying to get you the best output, and this is why we deliberate frequently with our clients. Our concept is to make sure that our document translation services will be put to good use, as it isn’t just about translating a document, but most of the times localization is also needed. Some clients fail to mention this and because of that, we need to get some more answers from the clients before taking the job, just to ensure that we will provide the right translation. This is not just about getting you the services that you are looking for, it is also about making sure that you as a client can use the translation as you intended.

It is also about making sure that as we work together, you know what you are paying for. When you look at the quote that we discuss and send you for the document translations that we are doing for you, it is our expectation that you will fully understand why and what you are paying for. This is in a bid to be as open and fair as possible. From experience, it is always a good idea for the client to know what they are being charged for, and why. This also goes so far in helping you understand the need for you to use the services that we are offering, and why we are the best in the service so far.

One thing that we can guarantee you however is the fact that there is nothing too difficult for us to handle. Once you give us your documents, we will make sure that we deliver the right translation to the best of our ability.

Know Exactly What You Pay For

Document Translation Services for Just About any Language

Here are a few of our strong points:

Advantages in Working with Nordictrans

  Any Language Combination

  Quality Services

  Native Translators

  Extra Proofreading

  Fast Turnaround

  Affordable Rates

  Available 24/7

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