High-Quality Language Translation Services in Over 100 Languages

If there is one thing that you need to get for your internet business these days, it has to be professional language translation services. Over time, the need for businesses to go over and above in providing services for their customers has become even more important. It takes a lot of hard work to build your business, and it is in the same light that you should make sure that you have a platform that can aptly meet the needs of your users.

Why would you work with us?

Premium Services

Premium services, affordable prices

Disappointed of previous translations you had from another provider? We won’t let you down no matter how complicated your project may be. We have resources for any languages, and we are able to take on any task, from document translation to software localization, and have it done in a short amount of time, of the highest quality and at affordable prices.

Any Type of Translation

Any type of translation

Whether you’re looking to have a technical document translated, a localization project done perfectly, or a single-page marriage certificate, we can do it for you. Certified translation, normal translation, or text translation and localization, all are within our reach, and we do them all with the same care and attention, no matter the project size.

Available Around the Clock

Available around the clock

We are dealing with clients from all over the world, and no matter where you are or in what timezone, you will always find us here when you need to. Get in touch by phone, email or live-chat, and a project manager will be with you to answer your questions or to give you a free, no-obligation quote, whenever you want, including during the weekend.

Translation from and into any language

Danish Translation

Danish translation

NordicTrans only uses Danish native speakers when it comes to translating from any language into Danish, thus ensuring that your message is properly translated into the target language. Editing by a second linguist and additional proofreading by a third, plus our QA team checks, the whole profess makes sure you only get the best Danish translation services.

Finnish Translation

Finnish translation

Whenever a document needs to be translated into Finnish, we make sure that the best linguists are working on it. We select translators having in mind that they must have proven experience in the field. You get accurate Finnish translations no matter the field, as we have specialized linguists for almost every industry, for all languages.

Swedish translation

Swedish translation

When it comes to Swedish translations, our project managers will make sure the right translators are chosen for the job. Our main objective is quality, therefore you can rest assured that you will get nothing but quality translations. Our editors, proofreaders and quality assurance team will make sure you get no less than that, no matter the job type.

Norwegian Translation

Norwegian translation

At a quick glance, it looks like a big chunk of the Norwegian translations we’ve done so far imply import/export operations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do legal or medical translations from and into Norwegian. We have specialized translators who are ready to take on any task, whether it is document translation or translation of a whole website.

Overcome the communication barrier that prevents your business from operating at a global level by using professional language translation services at low rates.

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Nordic Translation Services

High quality language translation services

Other than our specialization in Nordic language translation services, we also endeavour to push through and offer you translation in so many other languages today. This is something that you will certainly come to benefit from, and use to your advantage.

So many of the business contracts that you will come across depend on good understanding between the clients and the business, and this is why you need to get a good translator working for you.

A few reasons to work with us:

  Over 100 Languages

  500 Language Combinations

  Only Native Translators

  Second Native Editor

  Fast Turnaround

  Low Rates

100% customer satisfaction

It takes a lot of time, energy and planning for a business. After years of sweat, blood, and tears one reaches to the point of success where everything tends to progress. We would not be able to boast about this fact if our clients would not have given us the strength to do so. Years after years, NordicTrans brought better quality and practiced translation religiously. It was and is made sure that no client leaves unhappy with the services we have provided. We believe that when a client needs to have something translated, he needs to get the best quality without having to pay premium for the service. This made us go far and beyond customer requirements for some projects, but it is well worth it in the end.

Among the agencies in the Nordic region, you will find all sorts of translation service providers, some good, and some not so great. It is said that quality is always dependent upon the client and how much is he willing to pay. But when it comes to translation, money sometimes cannot buy you the best translations; some might cost you a fortune and provide you nothing worth the money you pay. With us you don’t have to worry about that as we strive to give the best without you having to pay a fortune for it.

100% Customer Satisfaction
Save Your Money with Nordictrans

Effective, time-efficient, money saving services

Translation is not a task that can be handled single-handedly. It needs proper teamwork. The teams are made up of translators, editors, proofreaders and web engineers. The tasks are headed by project managers and are worked out according to a strict plan.  The project manager is responsible to maintain the workflow. This is important to us because we want fast turnaround times for our clients. Our teams are always set ready for work and as soon as a new job is on, the project manager in charge with the project assigns the best team matching the requirements (natives of the target language, with knowledge in the field) and they start working on it in minutes. The teams are time efficient and have learned to match pace with time and take short turnarounds as a challenge.

Facilitating our clients is the best feature of our company; along with these, we provide other benefits too, like the ability to work with any CAT tool you want your project saved in. The work is carried out in a friendly environment so that the client feels like home and is able to discuss the project openly with the managers. Our project managers are the point of contact between you as a client and our translators, and they can relay any message from you to the translators or the other way around in an efficient manner. This is very helpful in carrying out more work effectively.

Another benefit in using our language translation services is the price. Despite providing high quality, we also sport some of the lowest prices in the industry. We are also open about our pricing and delivery structure, basically, along with your quote, you also get your price and a delivery date. We will respect both, no matter what.

Professional language translation services available 24/7

When it comes to translation companies, besides all the tech and modern facilities that they can possibly offer, they rely on the number of languages they translate. If a company is offering professional language translation services in a wide range of languages, the chances are, they would get a greater and a more diverse clientele. However, for us, provision of excellent quality translations in over hundreds of languages isn’t just enough.

The translators and their expertise matter the most and the way we assign translators and proofreaders to projects also play an important role in the accuracy of the final product. So we made sure that whatever we provide meets the requirements of our clientele. Our team of professional translators comprises experts in all spoken languages which is why we have nothing to worry about in serving clients from any country they may be.

NordicTrans is a translation company with offices in the UK and in the US which provides professional language translation services for just about any need. With the expert translators we have on board, turning one language into another is just a matter of time for us. Get in touch to discuss about your linguistic needs whenever you want, we are available at all times and we strive to deliver top-notch translations and outstanding customer support at low rates.

Translation Services Available 24/7

If you own a website or any business in the Nordic region and are looking to expand your reach, come to us. If you’re and international business looking to tap on the Nordic market, get in touch. If you are an individual looking to have certified translation for your personal documents, for immigration into the UK or into the US, ask for a quote. There are no translation related projects we can’t do and it will be well worth your time to use our language translation services. We have several teams that are dedicated to working on your translation from and into any language, to make sure that your needs are always met to the best of our ability.

Why is it that our language translation services are the best in the market, you may be wondering? Well, we do pay attention to your needs and make sure that when you send your work to us, we have none but the best team working on it. This makes it easier to not only deliver on the promises that we make in terms of service delivery, but is also aimed at ensuring that you get to benefit from some of the best service providers in the industry.

Take your time and get in touch with us for high quality translation services at affordable rates.

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