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NordicTrans, a top tier UK translation company, is well recognized among business persons, students, IT heads and companies worldwide for its accurate yet affordable translation services in the UK.

Some reasons to work with NordicTrans



Our aim is to provide the most accurate translations, no matter the field or the language combination involved. Quality is our utmost priority, and we strive to give you that at the best prices.



We have a highly skilled team with nearly 20 years of experience. Our members can surely provide professional help with any linguistic challenge you may have.



Your data is secure with us. Team-wide NDAs, encrypted workflows, and ISO-accredited management systems make certain that your data is at no risk.

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Affordable translation services in the UK

Translation for Business

Translation for business

NordicTrans is an UK translation company specialized in the Nordic languages but perfectly able to provide accurate translation services for any language. We deal with well-known companies around the world and although our office is in Birmingham, clients from all over the UK are using our services due to high accuracy and affordable prices.

No matter what documents you may need to have translated, we have enough resources in order to quickly assign 2 professional linguists specialized in your field of expertise to translate, edit and proofread, so you can have the most accurate translation done in a timely manner and at one of the best prices you can find in the UK.

Translation for Immigration

Translation for immigration

Individuals immigrating to the UK can also count on us for their translation needs. Birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, academic documents are only some of the personal documents we deal with on a daily basis, and we deliver certified translation for all of them in 24 hours or less, at a price you will find really affordable.

Stop wasting your energy, time, and money with various translation providers advertising high quality and fast turnaround, giving only empty promises. Using our services, you are guaranteed that the certified translation provided by us will be accepted at the Immigration Office, or anywhere else you may need it within the UK.

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Why Translation Services in the UK

Why translation services in the UK?

At this modern day and age, the world is progressing more rapidly day to day in globalization and technology. Hence, it is crucial for companies to keep up with the latest technology. NordicTrans also, for this reason, improves its processes every day rather than sticking to the old ways of translation. This is the main reason for cutting some waiting steps, allowing more time to actual translation rather than spending time in searching the appropriate translator, making services faster and more user-friendly. Our approach is quite up to the minute. We also provide a 24/7 online support where your questions and queries are answered in seconds. Furthermore, NordicTrans provides affordable rates as compared to many other translation agencies.

Besides providing translation services for the Nordic languages, NordicTrans is the UK translation company you can trust for the translation of any other languages as well. With our 24/7 service, you just have to provide us the file to be translated and the required language and we will quote the estimated price for you in 5 minutes or less.

Be it documents, software, or websites, NordicTrans has the ability to translate any content in the most accurate way. With more than 3000 translators serving clients from around the globe, we maintain the most strict quality standards. NordicTrans is the ultimate UK translation company where international business are always welcome and are sure to get their translations done in the shortest amount of time without ruining their budget. Because of its matchless and proficient team of translators, it gives services,

  • Trusted by some of the world’s most respected brands
  • Knowledgeable and supportive translation services
  • Translations by specialists for marketing across industries

The importance of choosing the right partner

The world is becoming increasingly global. Opportunities overseas are more significant than ever, though the difficulties of communicating are more difficult due to the world’s multilingual and multicultural qualities.

Whether you’re working on a judicial case, directing global marketing campaigns or just giving information in another language, you need to get your information accurate.

Getting your communication strategy appropriate, through document translation services, localization, and multimedia services can be the distinction between success and failure in communicating your message.

Translation is more than taking words from one language to another. It’s about efficiently communicating your information in different languages; moving across boundaries and demographics to open new demands and grow your business. At NordicTrans, our language translation process is simple. As a leading UK translation company, we know what you’re trying to reach; we assign the best linguists to your project and make sure we meet your goals. And if that simply is not enough for you, we also offer the lowest prices on the market for any linguistic assistance you may need.

Choose the Right Partner
UK Translation Company

3 Reasons to use professional translation services in the UK over freelance translators

Translation services convert your brand message to your target audience and in a way that customers speaking a different language would be able to understand and relate to it; therefore, you don’t need language or cultural errors in your content that could ruin your brand image. This is the reason why businesses prefer us over freelance translators. Here are three reasons that make the former advantageous than the latter:

  • Language Specialization: A freelancer is proficient in translating from and into one specific language set. At NordicTrans, our professional translators are well-versed in different styles and have significant experience in working with various languages and industries.
  • Areas of expertise: A freelance translator has most often one particular area of expertise like law, medical, finances or business. NordicTrans, on the other hand, has a pool of expert translators who have the skills of serving different niche areas.
  • Consistency: With freelance translators, you are doubtful of the quality you will get, and you also have to go through a precise selection process to ensure you are picking the right person. This would require investing time and resources. Working with NordicTrans is easier because you do not have to spend extra time searching for the right translators and you are sure you get quality output.

NordicTrans provides accurate translation services in the UK and in the US and we deal with any private and corporate documents in over 100 global languages. We serve industries like media, medical, e-commerce, law, automotive as well as the public sector.

The advantages in working with us

Whether you need your documents translated or your website or software app, you need to make sure that the translation is accurate and perfectly adapted to the market you are targeting. To work efficiently in abroad markets, companies need their documents and websites accurately translated and localized, and you can always trust us if you want to turn your website into a multilingual one.

Here are some more reasons to work with us:

  • We only employ translators who combine technical expertise with proven experience.
  • We assign the most qualified and appropriate translation team to your translation project
  • There will always be at least 2 linguists assigned to any project, one for translation and the second for editing and proofreading
  • We track execution metrics for every translator, so only the most skillful translators perform the task
  • We are able to use any CAT tools when needed, speeding things up and lowering your translation costs
  • Our project managers are available to guide you on your projects and extra services
  • We are ISO accredited
Your Advantages
Understanding Cultural Differences

Understanding cultural differences

Understanding the demands, requirements and the cultural differences is very important when providing translation services. Many overlook such factors. With NordicTrans however that is not the case. Our professional translators understand and value each and every aspect of the translation and its purpose. It is quite tricky to translate one language to another and to make it recognizable to its speakers. Sentences cannot be translated word for word when it comes to targeting another market, as different languages use different ways of writing. A skilled translator will translate a document in a way that every sentence will make perfect sense to its target readers, while conveying the same message.

Once you choose to go with our translation services in the UK, you will find a personal account manager has been assigned to you, who will understand your requirements, objectives, and preferences and will be further in charge of your translation projects. That being the case, you can easily discuss your demands with the manager and he will make sure the best fitted translators are appointed to the job, which will be done according to your needs.

Companies are often looking to expand into foreign markets, and UK companies are no different, but in order to do that, accurate translation and localization services are needed. Adding another page on your website is easy, adding a second version of the website in another language is not. SEO needs to be kept in mind and you can’t simply translate your keywords, you’ll need help from a native who knows what his co-nationals are actually looking for. We can help you with all that and once we get started you won’t have to lift a finger or deal with technicalities, our translators and web specialists will do all the work. And since we are a UK translation company which is interested in quality and customer satisfaction, you won’t have anything but good things to say when we’re done with your project.

Cheap translation services in the UK for personal needs

We also deal with individuals customers, mostly people who are immigrating to the UK and need to have their personal documents translated fast and at the best price. Certified translations are being delivered to tens of individual clients everyday, and we have yet to hear one of our translations was not accepted. That is because we do the translations and the certifications according to immigration regulations, and our legal translators are always up to date with the requirements. If you need to have cheap certified translation services in the UK, get in touch!

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