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None of us ever had to be in a situation where someone accidentally bought forty melons or 15 bottles of soap and created a statistics problem. But we studied about such scenarios anyway. There is a lot more that we studied but never used in our lives. Come to think of it, a lot of the stuff that we studied in school didn’t have any use for us in our adult lives. But that doesn’t mean that all the things we learned were useless. We learned the basics of Mathematics and English in school. And in college, we got to study the subjects we wanted to learn more about.

People go to universities and do PhDs so they can become an expert in their field. The struggle to know all about something stems from our inherent curiosity about certain things. Some want to learn about the stars and end up becoming astronomers. Others want to see them up close and end up becoming astronauts. There are also general and specific field. There are medical practitioners who are called general physicians and then there are those who studied a certain field of medicine like neurosurgery or pediatrics. The world owes a lot to the experts who not only guide the newbies but also contribute to their field in the form of research and studies.

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Without these educated people who give their lives to the study of a subject, the world would have been way behind in many fields. If we didn’t have medical scientists who have studied dangerous diseases and invented cures, the world population would have been decreasing right now instead of increasing. But thankfully, the world has plenty of passionate people who are willing to give their lives to a certain cause. Due to the experts that have come out of universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford, it is every young student’s dream to study at a place like that.

And everyone should get a fair shot at getting admission in the institute of their choice, given that they have the grades for it. A lot of people might question the importance of the institute in the success of a person. They present the example of famous people who didn’t even get a college degree but are extremely successful today. But what it true for some people, can’t be true for everybody. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to study at a big institute because their certain department is very good.

In order to Apply for Admission:

No matter how much you want something, there is no certainty that you will get it. To get close to your dream, you will have to work harder than you have worked ever in your life. And that also holds true for when you are applying for admission. Your admissions essay, statement of purpose, things like that can make or break your case. These things show the admissions office your potential better than your grades. And if your words are good enough to convince them that you have it in you to work hard, they might accept your application.

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But getting the admission involves a lot more than just your grades and a good admissions essay. If you are applying to a foreign university, you will have to get your documents translated in order to make them eligible for submission. The type of documents that you will have to get translated vary from university to university. But one of the most important ones are academic transcripts.

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What are Academic Transcripts?

Academic Transcript

They are a written record of the classes you have attended. They include detailed information about each of your courses. They will also include your grades throughout the course of your studies at a particular institution. They are very helpful in proving your academic journey as they are verified by your academic institution. But academic transcripts are often in the language of the country where a person has studied. If you want to apply to an American institute but your transcripts are in French, you can’t submit them as it is.

Academic Transcript Translation:

In order to submit your transcript to a foreign university, you will need to get them translated. They can be translated in any language as long as you can find a good enough translator to do it for you. They need to be translated by a qualified translator so there are no errors in the final document. Your future relies on these papers and that’s why you shouldn’t be taking any chances by hiring an interpreter just because they promised to charge you a minimal amount. The certified translation of academic transcripts is not something that everyone can handle. A translator has to possess a certain degree of talent and experience to be able to efficiently interpret academic transcripts.


Nothing should come between people and their dreams, especially not language. Our world may be huge but has been brought together with the help of latest technologies and we can keep it together by cooperating with each other. One way to do that is to not let our differences get to us. By getting your academic transcripts translated and applying for a foreign university, you will be taking a brave step for the love of knowledge. And this quest for knowledge will bring you close to many others who you would not have had the chance to know otherwise. So, it is amazing what a good translation can do.

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