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Needing Danish translation to English? You’re in good hands with us at NordicTrans. We offer high quality, affordable Danish to English translation with fast delivery. Each translation we do is dealt with utmost care and precision so that every output we send to you is spot-on and of the highest quality. NordicTrans also renders translation services from and into any other language and/or any other language combination aside from Danish and English.

Here at NordicTrans, we do all sorts of translations for various subject areas or fields of specialization ranging from personal to legal, to business and education, to technical and industrial, and more; just name it and we’ll get you covered for it. We’re always here 24/7 and you can count on us to back you up with your needed translations, like Danish to English translations, for the success of every project and endeavor you may have.

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The advantages in working with us

Highest Quality Standards

Highest Quality Standards

Our commitment and top priority for every translation that we do, such as Danish to English translation, is to ensure that the highest quality standards are always followed and met. Our membership and/or accreditation from the International Standard Organisation (ISO) is a good proof to attest to the significance of such commitment. Our reputation and performance are even a better proof of that commitment. Nevertheless, our experience of over 15 years of service in the translation industry is indeed one of the best proofs of our commitment.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

For every project that we do, like a Danish translation to English, we can assure you that we can deliver it on time, or even faster sometimes. Our dedication to rendering high-end quality translation services with a low-end pricing is one of the reasons why many people patronise us. All our in-house teams of translators, proofreaders and project managers are always on-call to readily render service for all your translation needs.

Native Speakers

Native Speakers

Here at NordicTrans, we have full confidence in the expertise of our teams who have been working in partnership with us through the years. Since we work only with native Danish translators, you can rest assured that our translations are accurate, complete, and of high quality. To top it all, you’ll get our translation services at the most affordable prices, prices you won’t be able to find in US or UK.

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Customer Satisfaction

We value customer satisfaction so much that we see to it that we always observe punctuality in our delivery. We’ve even created an effective web based project management system, which allows our customers to have easy access with the status and developments of their past and ongoing projects. We designed this program to further provide convenient services to our customers. Its features include 24/7 online customer care service (thru live chat), free online quoting and word counting of projects, and online invoicing.

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Translation From Danish into Any Language

High-quality translations from Danish into any language

When you need Danish translations, take your time and look around for better companies and feel free to choose us if none of them is able to match our offer. Our rates are equally imposed and we do not have additional charges and hidden fees for rush jobs or translation projects done over the weekends. You can avail of all these benefits at fast turnaround times and the best prices than there are in the global market today.

Right now, we are extremely proud to claim that we have become one of the leading translation agencies around the globe. NordicTrans is also the largest operating translation company in the entire Northern Europe nowadays, and the leading provider of Nordic translations in the United States. Try us now and see for yourselves. We guarantee customer satisfaction and high quality translations.

Whether you require documents translated from Danish to English or you need translations from Danish into various languages, our project managers will be able to give you a free quote at competitive rates. We translate a wide range of documents in all fields, including legal, technical, medical, business, industrial, or anything else you may need to have translated.

Do we do certified translation for immigration?

Surprisingly, there are a bunch of people looking for certified translation from Danish into English for immigration to the US or to the UK and we get a lot of requests for translation of personal documents. As an all-in-one translation agency, we also provide translation for immigration, from any language into English.

Is US certified translation different from the one in the UK? At first sight it isn’t, yet there are differences, small details that may have your translation rejected. With us however, you don’t have to face rejection as we have offices in both the UK and the US. Whenever a client asks for a translation for the USCIS, our office in Coral Gables will take care of it, as they are aware of the USCIS requirements. Similarly, when UK translation is needed, our office in Birmingham, UK will have it done for you. No matter where you intend to immigrate, our translations are done according to the requirements and are guaranteed to be accepted.

Are you looking for certified or even notarized translation? Get in touch and send us your document, you’ll get your free quote in under 5 minutes. We charge some of the lowest rates in the market and we deliver in 24 hours or less. We also work during the weekend, when a special team is there to assist you at any given time.

Certified translation From Danish into English

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Accurate translations for any need

Denmark has its hands full with loads of international businesses, including shipping, information technology and worldwide import export trade. If you and your business need translations for medical, business, academic, technical and legal documents such as power of attorney, a range of licenses, marketing and other documents, NordicTrans has skilled translators who provide accurate Danish to English translation. If you need translation for business or for individuals, for documents such as agreements, birth or death certificates, or you need a Danish website translated to English – NordicTrans is always available for any and all documents requiring professional translation. There is nothing too technical, too difficult or even too basic that we don’t cover as your one-stop-shop leading translation service.

NordicTrans provides translation services for customers worldwide, and with over 3,000 translators in our team, we can translate just about anything. Whether you need IT manuals, car parts manuals, textbooks, or any other kind of technical translation; we have skilled Danish translators with background experience in any field. Our team consists of translators with several years of experience that are familiar with the Danish language well and are specialists of the particular field; therefore, they know the technical language requirements for translation. We use two translators for your translation project: one to translate the document and one to recheck, edit and proofread the translation, which ensures you get error-free output, quick turnaround and always the lowest possible cost.

Accurate Translations for Any Need
Our Main Objective

Our main objective

The main aim of NordicTrans is to improve and sustain successful client relationships all through the United Kingdom and the United States. Every client is valuable to us. Whether you need a simple text translated from Danish to English or you have a technical manual that you want to have translated into different languages, you will always get the same personalized and professional service. NordicTrans works around the clock to meet the expectations of its clients, earn their trust and support their reputation as one of the best translation agencies.

Client happiness is of supreme concern not only because word-of-mouth referrals make up the bulk of the client base, but also because we actually care about you.

We offer loads of different Danish to English translation services to individuals and companies throughout the world. Trust that all translations delivered by NordicTrans are performed at the highest quality by professional translators, natives of your target language. This is important to ensure that the final message will carry the same meaning and expression of the original.

An all-in-one translation service, not just Danish translation to English

People may not even realize it but the Danish language translation is a hard nut to crack. When it comes to translating Danish into English, only the experts can do the job appropriately. Wondering why’s that? Well, it’s because all the languages that they have in Europe have their own history. With billions of speakers in Denmark and Northern Germany, this language is not only the main mean of communication for these people but it can also help others to send their messages to those people effectively. From the business point of view alone, a person who localizes their app in the Danish language can address to the needs of such a large population. A Danish company looking to expand at a global scale can only do that if they get professional Danish translation to English.

But translation of Danish into English isn’t bound only to a business prospect. There are a thousand more reasons to do that. People who decide to move from Denmark or any other area where Danish language is spoken to a land like UK or US will ultimately need a translation service for a lot of their needs. So we took care of all those aspects in advance, so that you can focus on the things that matter to you and leave your Danish to English translation to us.

Danish Translation to English

Danish translation to English? There's more to it

We don’t do just Danish to English translation. We do English into Danish just as easy. Even more: we have linguists for just about any language into Danish, or from any language into Danish. Are you in need of Danish to Norwegian translation for instance? We can do it as well. We never settle for less that high quality output therefore we will always assign translators which are specialized in your field and natives of your target language. A second linguist will edit and proofread the translation, then our quality team will check the output for any errors before sending you the final translation. There’s no room for mistakes and you can rest assured, you will receive the best possible translation, perfectly adapted to your target language.

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