Translation prices – how to cut down your translation cost

The total translation cost is based on translation prices per word and the total word count of a document, PDF, html text or any format you have.

We offer also special prices

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High volume translations

Our standard translation price range is between

0.12 and 0.14 Euro
per word including proofreading by a second native translator

We do not charge you extra for

Express translation

We are open 24/7 and we do not extra charge extra for after office hours and weekend

Fast, low cost, yet accurate translations

Specialized Translation

Specialized translation

Working with over 3000 translators, we are able to translate any document, in any field, no matter how complex the text could be. From highly technical documents to legal or medical documents, we surely have translators specialized in these fields who can give you highly accurate translations from and into just about any language.

Translation for Business Expansion

Translation for business expansion

Companies looking to expand at a global scale can count on us for translating and adapting their websites, software apps or marketing documents. We only assign natives of your target language and specialized in your field to your project, and your content will be perfectly adapted to your target market.

Translation for Immigration

Translation for immigration

Individuals looking to immigrate to the UK or to the UK can also count on us for their certified translation needs. Aside from the usual birth or marriage certificates, we also translate diplomas and academic records, and our translations are guaranteed to be accepted at the immigration office, while you will pay some of the lowest translation prices you can find.

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Accurate translations at some of the lowest prices on the market

In today’s world, everybody’s in a rush, we all are perpetually short on such luxuries, and we want to have more things done in less time. However, quality is or should be the main concern, and even though translation may be needed in a rush, it should be done without compromising the accuracy of the output. Unfortunately, it is a rare case that you find the right people who are serving the business right. If an agency tries to cut short its journey and leap towards success, usually it costs a lot of compromises with the quality of the services they provide. Here is when the client needs to be steadfast and well-aware of what they want in particular, and if that company is able to provide what has been promised.

Often it happens that companies offer you lower costs for translation and your attention is totally grabbed by the cost. There is a chance that with a lower price, you are also being served lower-quality services. Some of the translation steps might be cut out from the process, such as proofreading, which will result in a translation that might not be accurate. This is something no client would want to have. The main purpose is to have an accurate translation which is a reflection of the original. Any errors or mistakes, if not edited, result in bad quality translation.

NordicTrans is here to provide accurate services in the shortest time possible, at some of the best translation prices you can find. We never cut short of the translation steps just to give a faster delivery, and even though your document passes through multiple steps like translation, editing, and proofreading, we are able to sport some of the lowest translation prices due to our highly effective project management where we cut out waiting times. Using an unique, in-house made project management software, allows us to have a live connection with all our translators, and we are able to quickly assign a translator, an editor and a proofreader to your task, therefore lowering both delivery time and the translation cost.

Lower Translation Prices
Calculate Your Translation Cost

How do we calculate your translation cost?

There are 3 main ways to calculate the translation cost for a document:

  • cost per word

  • cost per page

  • cost per hour

Obviously, from the three, the cost per word is the best way of providing accurate translation prices. There is a certain flat fee per word, which is simply multiplied with the number of words in your document, and you get your translation cost. As simple as it may sound, sometimes you may have a hard time finding out the number of words in your file. To help you out, we have created a free document word counter which you can use at anytime. If you want a quote from us, you can use our free, 5-minute quote tool instead.

With some companies, there might be extra costs associated with your translation. For instance, there could be a higher price per word for certain languages, there could be extra rates you may have to pay, especially when you need your translation in a rush or you need to have it done over the weekend. We do not have such extra rates, and working with us you will have the chance of getting accurate translations at affordable rates.

Flat rates for every translation project

Regardless of the complexity or the efforts required to complete the translation assignment, NordicTrans has a predefined rate list for every kind of translation. Once our clients have confirmed the payment, our project managers assign the best suitable translators for the project to avail accurate results. Furthermore, there are absolutely no hidden charges or extra fees to be paid at the time of delivery.

We are working around the clock, even during the weekend

We even work on the weekends to complete urgent translation assignments for which no extra charges are applicable. Although every order is done at the earliest, you can request for 24 hours delivery in case the translations are required urgently for which our company will never take any additional charges. Moreover, our clients can also use our free word counter tool to analyze their document accurately and calculate translation costs as well.

Calculate your translation cost

Pricing is a significant aspect which is focused by companies and business owners when choosing any service. There are several translation agencies which offer translation services at low rates, but the results are non-satisfactory. Coming over to popular translation agencies, getting a free quote from their representatives is no easy job as the process can take days to complete. So, to help our customers in this regard, we have launched our simple translation cost calculation tool at our website which is accessible at all times.

Flat Rates
Prompt Deliveries with Quality Results

Prompt deliveries with quality results

NordicTrans provides translation solutions for both local and international clients. Since we cover all of the major industries including IT, legal, medical, finance, and law firms, companies can get accurate translation solutions at lower rates from us. We are always available to solve any of your communication problems. No matter how sophisticated the translation assignment is, our professional translators leave no stone unturned to ensure the quality and accuracy of each task.

Although there are several translation agencies available online, they mostly get projects done by freelancers or software tools by which you can never get accurate translation results. As we have numerous translation departments in our agency, each translation assignment is completed by an in-house translator and checked by two other linguists to achieve best results.

No matter what your location is, our company offers translation services for clients from all over the globe. People who are living near our offices can personally visit the company and get translation services as per their requirements. For international clients, orders can be placed online through email or via the customer care helpline which is accessible 24/7.

Cheap translation services

NordicTrans is an all-rounder stop for you. Either you want to get your legal, technical or immigration documents translated or you want your e-commerce website translated, NordicTrans will be with you through it all. Sometimes, people need to get all of these translated. At times like these you have us, as we offer you cheap translation services without compromising the quality of our work. We can offer you cheap and affordable prices for any translation, yet we do more, you can get the best experts working on your projects. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we only assign professional linguists, natives of your target language to your project.

Apart from that, we calculate the costs using the most advantageous method. There are three formats of price calculations currently being used: cost per word, cost per page and cost per hour. We believe that cost per word is the best one and while being easy on your pocket, it is equally effective for us too.

No matter if you have several long documents, an entire website or just a one-page document to translate, NordicTrans will give you the best translation prices you can find.

Cheap Translation Services

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Another way to ask for specific translation prices is to contact us via live chat, a project manager will always be there to give you more information.

As soon as you request a translation quote, an account will be created for you on our management system. This is where you are able to talk to the project manager assigned to your task, you will be able to add your source documents and provide additional directives for our translators. The same system allows you to always be informed about the status of your project.

How to cut down your translation costs even more?

There are quite a few ways to cut down on your total translation cost. One of the ways is to use translation memory, which utilizes past translations into current projects. This allows you to save money in the long run.

Times have changed now but about 16 years ago, when NordicTrans started off, there were very few companies which were able to use CAT tools. The CAT tools are used to save past translated words in its memory and make them available to be used in current projects, lowering translation costs.

A translation memory has the potential to save past paragraphs and sentences already translated, divided into further smaller segments. These segments are the translated parts of those paragraphs and sentences, which are saved in the memory of the tool, which is designed especially for this purpose. This memory is of great help and assistance in maintaining workflow, it speeds up the task for translators, which consume lesser energy and time. This results in a more convenient, highly effective and more accurate translation for our clients.

You can also read the following tips to spend less money and reduce your translation prices.

translation prices

Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about other discounts and don’t forget, we have the best translation prices out there! Contact us by email, contact forms or live-chat regarding your translations. You are also welcome to give us a call or to visit our offices.

Of course, you can also use our free tool for requesting a quote. This system is fast and you will receive a quote in a minute by following a few simple steps.

NordicTrans strives to deliver accurate and quality translations at competitive rates. Without compromising on style, quality and perfection, our translators complete every project ahead of deadline. Unlike other translation agencies, we offer a flat per word rate for every translation which makes it easier for our clients to calculate the total translation cost. Regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the translation, you will never be asked to pay for any additional charges.

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