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At NordicTrans, we value our customers and their time; therefore we provide several means of communication which are available 24/7. We have multiple channels open for our valuable customers. Our website, email and live chat features can connect you with us instantly. You can also visit our offices during business working hours if you want to. Even if you are located anywhere around the globe, you should always know that our project managers will always be just a click away, any time you need to. We work with clients from all over the world, not only from UK and US; we can help you regardless of your location. What you need to do is connect with us and let us know what you need to have translated. We’ll send you a quote and if you agree with it, we can start your project in mere minutes as we have a live connection with all our translators, which allows us to assign the best ones to your project instantly.

International translation company

With offices in both United States and United Kingdom, NordicTrans is a leading translation company in UK and USA and is able to help you with any translation you may have. If you are a business looking to expand your reach or communicate with foreign partners or clients, we can help you with highly accurate business translations, perfectly fit to your target market. If you are an individual looking to immigrate in the US or in the UK, our offices are able to provide certified translations for all your personal documents, from any language. Your translation will be ready in 24 hours or less, and is guaranteed to be accepted at the immigration office.

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    usa translation office

    USA Office:
    2332 Galiano Street
    2nd Floor
    Coral Gables, FL
    United States


    [email protected]

    uk translation office

    UK Office:
    4200 Waterside Centre
    Solihull Parkway
    B37 7YN
    United Kingdom


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    US translation company

    US translation company

    It is somewhat difficult when it comes to choosing a US translation company, but if researched properly there is no chance that you can fall into the trap of betrayal. Our agency doesn’t offer false promises. We try our best to show up to our commitments and reach all set benchmarks. We believe in working hard for achieving goals. It is a long journey of years that has earned us a well-deserved position of a leader in the industry. We don’t intend to jeopardize this position, and when a client is satisfied with our work that is the biggest achievement for us and we truly work for it.

    We don’t only deal with individual clients who need certified translation for USCIS for their personal documents; in fact, we have dealt with hundreds of corporate clients. This has gained us a lot of experience and worth in the market. If you want to globalize your business and you are looking for a US translation company which can handle this the best for you, then we are proud to tell you that it is us you are looking for. We can translate and localize your website, your online store, your apps and every translation related to your business can be easily handled.

    translation company in UK

    Translation company in UK

    We are a translation company in UK which not only works timely and efficiently but also gives you the cheapest rates in the market. If you are looking for a translation company in UK which provides the best price without compromising the quality, NordicTrans will suffice all your needs and requirements.

    From your personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates or divorce certificates to all your medical documents, we are here at your service. If you want the translation for your degrees, diplomas or academic records you can trust us. Not only these, but we also facilitate our clients with translation for legal documents and business documents.

    Our translators are efficient and passionate about their work. They are the building blocks of our agency and the maintenance of standards in our work is mainly looked after by our translators. If a translator doesn’t do his job perfectly then there is no room for him in our company. Our project managers manage the tasks efficiently by assigning the right translators to the job and keeping in touch with the clients, but also making sure that the translation will be delivered before the agreed time.

    We are always on the verge of making things easier for our clients. Through our communication and cooperation, we aspire to reach the ultimate level of proficiency in the translation world. We believe in communication and this brings out the perfection in our work. We try our best to stay connected with the demands of our clients and fulfill them. Our translators only provide accurate translations, and then our proofreaders work very hard to enhance the quality of the translation. After that, our editors make sure that there is no room for errors. We provide our clients with full confidentiality related to their documents. Our clients really appreciate the above and return happily to give us more work. This is our biggest achievement, the satisfaction of our clients, and we strive to keep our quality levels up just for that.

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    international translation company

    Why settle for less when you can get the best?

    Nordictrans is a Nordic translation company in UK and USA specializing in the Nordic languages. Our in-house, professional translators are qualified to translate any type of document from and into Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, but also from and into over 80 additional languages.

    Our translation office in Birmingham is open around the clock, and also during the weekend. There is always a project manager available to help you with any document, from and into any language, and no matter what type it is: from business documents to medical, legal or technical, we can do it fast and at an affordable price.

    Our clients are our best assets; therefore we strive to keep everyone happy with their translation, no matter if it’s a small project or a big one. There will always be a professional translator, native to your target language and specialized in your field to translate your document. A second linguist will then proofread and edit the translation, and then our Q&A team will check it for inconsistencies and finally have it delivered to you along with a quality report.

    We recently opened another office in the USA and we can also provide certified translations for immigration in the US. Our translation office in Miami provides certified translations at only $20 per page and our translations have a 100% acceptance rate by USCIS. We also provide notarized translations for the United States if you need it.

    Our staff is working in three shifts in order to be able to respond quickly to any translation request you may have. Feel free to livechat with us at any moment for a free translation quote; you will receive the price for your translation in minutes!

    We are easy to reach

    Nordic Trans has made it easy for you to reach out to us. We make sure that you have all the details for complete and total access to our offices. We provide you the best quality translation services with our leading experts who have great experience and skills to put into their work. This effort and dedication make your documents or website ready enough to be out there in the world so to either submit it for a certain procedure or to approach and target potential customers who might be interested in your business or products.

    As we offer our services in the United States and the United Kingdom both, we have two main offices in both regions which makes it possible for you to reach out to us. It ends the barrier of having to travel from a country to country in order to get to us. As we have expanded our limits outside country boundaries, the two located offices’ details are given above, refer to these when you come looking for us.

    Whenever you need to have anything translated by a well-known translation company in UK, you can visit our office in Birmingham. If you are in the US our office in Coral Gables can always help you with any translation you may need. If however you can’t come visit us in person, you can order online. Our project managers are always there to answer any question, to give you a quote or to get started with your project.

    translation company in UK

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