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When it comes to getting a document translated whether for business or for immigration, there are 3 main factors to keep in mind: quality, delivery time, and price. Anyone wants to get the highest quality in due time, without having to pay a fortune. People looking for Norwegian translation services are no different. We know that, and we strive to give you the best bang for your buck.

Why should anyone use our services?

We Believe In a Customer First Approach

Customers come first

We believe in a customer first approach. We provide high-quality document translation services from and into the Norwegian language. Our translators handle tasks with such efficiency that we can bet upon the accuracy and professionalism they deliver. Our services are tested and tried by many export businesses and we are proud to express the integrity and workforce of our company.

Affordable Norwegian Translation Services

Affordable services

Just like all well-known businesses, our Norwegian translation services have a long journey of learning. We have been serving in this field for over 16 years now and we have clients who are dealing with us since decades. Our loyal customers always stay and come back just because of our exceptional work. Among all the Nordic specialists, you will find us most economical and reasonable.

Always Available Norwegian Translation

Always available

An efficient UK translation company, which has translators who are not only natives to the languages you want to spread your business in, but is also specialized in your own language and highly knowledgeable in your field, is needed. To make sure that you choose the best Norwegian translation services, you can choose us. We are always available and can deal with any translation you may need.

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Why Norwegian Translation Is Highly Needed?

Why Norwegian translation is highly needed?

As we all know, the Norwegian language has a complicated history which continues to influence the language’s condition in Norway today. Due to Norway’s complex political history and former union with Denmark, the modern Norwegian language exists in two forms: Dano-Norwegian, also known as Bokmal or Riksmal, and New Norwegian, or Nynorsk.

The Norwegian language is categorized as part of the West Scandinavian section of the North Germanic language relations. The Scandinavian languages we know nowadays, including Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, were developed from the Old Norse language of the Vikings.

The Norwegian language is the official language of Norway, and although both Bokmal and Nynorsk are used in writing today, only about 20% of Norway’s population uses Nynorsk, with the others preferring to write in the old language (Bokmal). When it comes to the spoken language, it gets complicated, as Norwegians speak their local dialects, since there is no standard spoken Norwegian to talk about.

If your company is dealing in Norway and you require a high quality Norwegian translation service to successfully promote your services and products to the Norwegian market, NordicTrans is the place you need.

When there’s a need for translation services in a variety of areas requiring translation from and into Norwegian, or any other language, an expert team from NordicTrans is available 24/7 at your service. We are a language translation agency specialized in the Nordic languages and we provide professional services at affordable rates. We also offer certified translations for any personal document, guaranteed to be accepted in the US and in the UK. For any help or questions, please feel free to contact one of our experts and get a free quote!

Target the Norwegian market with English to Norwegian translation

When it comes to expanding in the Nordic countries, a business needs to use high quality Norwegian translation services in order to effectively market its products to the Norwegian market.

In Norway, a high percentage of the population speaks English well and makes this a pleasant nation to visit for English speakers. This is the view of tourists. The business world is different. People still enjoy visiting Norway for business or pleasure, but businesses that do business in Norway will have to “speak Norwegian.” Thankfully, you can get professionals to speak for you in this area.

Maybe you have documents, files or projects that need to be sent to us electronically and translated to the highest standards. No problem. Perhaps you need a whole marketing plan and strategy to localize your products and familiarize the public with them. Not a problem for NordicTrans. Norwegian is the official language, so all legal paperwork for businesses operating in Norway need to be translated in Norwegian. We can help you with accurate English to Norwegian translations at low rates.

When there’s a need for translation services in various areas or fields, NordicTrans is your ultimate solution. We are a global translation company that specializes in the Nordic languages and provides translations of the highest quality at affordable rates.

Norwegian Market
Accurate Norwegian to English Translation

Accurate Norwegian to English translation for business expansion

Norway is one of those countries which are particularly known for its rich commodities like fisheries, metal, and oil. This shows its importance related to the export business too. Export means connecting over with the world and communication takes you where nothing else can. Communication breaks all the barriers of silence and differences. Even if the only difference is the language, this can be looked after through interpretation and translation services.

Thinking about the options related to translation services, one must always look for the best in the industry. Businesses are not easy to establish; it takes your strength and time with a lot of energy to bring things together and make the wheels start spinning for you. You can never risk your business with bad partners and you cannot afford to use low quality services which might affect your reputation.

If you have an export business in Norway or you are somehow related to one, we are sure you want to increase its reach all over the world; you might also be running a website for this. The best thing which can flourish your business is localization. Products which are generally used in your country could as well be used at a global level, but to do that, it is very important to perfectly communicate with the target market. This is only possible if you land close to your future buyers and make sure that your message is delivered to them in an international language. Your first step to internationalization is Norwegian to English translation.

ISO qualified Norwegian Translation services from native Norwegian translators

Norwegian Document Translation

With our professional staff of dedicated native speakers, we can finish your project on time, every time. Speed is an important factor, but quality will never be compromised to deliver with speed and proficiency.

We are working with teams of professional project managers, native translators, and proofreaders dedicated to serve you anytime, and anywhere you may be. Our commitment of providing guaranteed customer satisfaction is embodied in our web based translation service with the 24/7, round the clock online customer support system.

We have worked with various kinds and sizes of translation projects all throughout our existence of more than 19 years in business. Norwegian is one of our specialties, and we do translations for the Norwegian language from and into English or any other language you want us to translate. We provide only the highest quality and the highest standards of accuracy for all types of Norwegian translations.

At NordicTrans, each document or project is double checked by a native speaker of the target language to ensure that every word is accurate and correctly used and spelled. We have specialists in every area, from gas and oil specialists to forestry, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and many other critical areas, therefore we can provide quality Norwegian translation services.

English and Norwegian are not the only languages that we translate to and from. In fact, at NordicTrans, we provide professional translation services to and from Norwegian in over 100 languages through our worldwide network of professional translators, with 3000 translators ready to work on your documents!

On-line client management software for your translation needs

NordicTrans provides web-based services for you to monitor the project, keep it available on-line and even keep track of billing and invoices on our dashboard. Human contact is available at the touch of a button, and our project managers are available to help you any time.

You can access your translated documents, billing information or send in more documents to be translated from your own computer in just a few clicks. Feel free to set up an online appointment with one of our project managers to discuss your needs today.

We look forward to helping your business grow with our Norwegian translation services.

Translation Management Software
Fast Norwegian Translation

High quality, fast and affordable translation services

We understand how important is time for our clients and so we always comply with our customers’ demands when it comes to turnaround times. Our in-house teams of professional project managers, native translators, and proofreaders are working hand in hand to finish your projects right on time and at the highest quality.

When a client comes to us for services we try to make sure that no questions are left unanswered. All tasks are handled with professionalism, keeping client requirements in mind. The tasks are planned out by our project managers who first asses the requirements and based on that, are able to assign the best-fitted translators to the project. From small documents to full websites, everything related to translation can be handled at our agency.

At NordicTrans, Norwegian translations are offered at very low prices and we don’t impose hidden charges or additional fees for projects done during the weekends or with rush deadlines. Please feel free to get in touch with us now and try our services.

Why translate English to Norwegian

The Norwegian language is extensively spoken by natives of Norway; it is a North Germanic language. If you want to take your business to a higher level, then it is really important to translate your website from English to Norwegian to get better your business relationships and gain more profits. By doing so, you can be sure of attaining excellent reach in the Norwegian business market. For any online business, the website serves as the main starting place to endorse products and services. In this situation, the only possible way available for growing your reach in Norway is to opt for English to Norwegian translation services. If your website is available only in English, then it will be accessed only by individuals who know this language, whereas others just skip your website and move on to your competitor’s site existing in the Norwegian language.

If you consider localizing your business targeting the Norwegian people, then you can communicate with each and every one of them in a proficient way. Just hand over the task to NordicTrans, a team of professionals who have wide-ranging knowledge in providing English to Norwegian translation online. With reliable translations, you can easily get into the Norwegian market, as the translation projects are assigned only to native speakers. With years of experience in this industry, we have extensive knowledge and specialists to offer suitable, effective translation services not only for businesses, companies and organizations, but also to translate legal, medical, immigration, banking, insurance, technical, engineering, finance documents and many more.

Translate English to Norwegian

We are a leading organization in the translation industry having been certified by the ISO. We have years of experience in the arena, facing challenges and overcoming language restrictions to offer you the best experience when it comes to Norwegian translation services. We have native translators who have command over the target language and the original language so there is minimal or no room for errors. We have additional proof-readers who will check and make corrections to the translation free of cost. The prices that we offer will be the best deals that you will find at this level of quality and on top of speedy delivery we also ensure 24/7 customer support.

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