Translation Quality Assurance (QA)

When it comes to any language service provider or translation agency, the first thing which should be a top priority is the translation quality assurance. As translation is a never-ending process where the same linguists are being used with different projects, a service provider should always keep a check and balance on the quality of service that the linguists are providing. If a linguist is not performing according to standards, this should be scored and an action should be taken. If a company is open to translation quality assurance audit it is fine to trust them because it shows that they take quality seriously.

Beside the normal flow in choosing translators for a certain task, we also have a quality assurance team that makes sure the end product is accurate and there are no mistakes.

We already make sure the meaning of the message is being perfectly conveyed by:

  • only allowing our translators to translate into their native language
  • translators need to have previous experience in the field of the document
  • a second proofreader checks the translation and compares it with the original document to spot errors and omissions.

In the end, our translation quality assurance team checks the translation before being sent to the client.

Translation Quality At Nordictrans

We never compromise on quality

Quality Provide By Professional Translators

Professional translators

We only work with professional translators with years of experience, carefully tested by our recruitment team. In order to ensure high accuracy, our linguists are only allowed to translate into their native language, even if they are near-natives in a second language.

Translators, Experienced In Your Field

Experienced in your field

If your document is of medical nature, we will only assign translators with experience in this field, who are aware of the various, specialized terms being used in your document. Similarly, if you have a technical manual to translate, only a technical translator will be able to do it.

Nordictrans Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Our translation process makes sure that the translation is accurate and of the highest quality. If however the client has any doubts, we give the option to contact us at any time after the translation has been delivered and we will quickly re-open the project and work on it until the client is happy.

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ISO Qualified Translations

 Translation Quality Assurance (QA) is a very important aspect, as it is one of the main ingredients in our succes

In translation agencies, the quality aspect exists because of the standards imposed in that business, and it should never be compromised.

That is why, here at NordicTrans, one of the first steps that we take towards a professional translation is understanding and analyzing your requirements, so that your expectations on delivery are met.

Human Translations Only

 Over the years, the translator was considered to have an ethical and legal obligation toward his employer: the agency

At NordicTrans we employ only highly professional translators who have rating systems based on QA results, client feedback, and who pass our test. All these requirements make all the difference from the quality point-of-view. To help translation quality assurance, we have also implemented a quality management system, and our linguists are only allowed to translate in their native language.

Always Proofread

With TQA tools, the translation quality is improved by decreasing mistakes. But that is not sufficient enough to guarantee quality!

The work is still completed by our translators, because these tools cannot detect mistakes arising from an incorrect understanding of the source text or an inappropriate choice of language register. Because of the development of the industry on a global scale, and the knowledge of standards allowed quality assurance in translation to make its way into the industry and society.

Native Translators

 Why are native translators the best? Native speakers have a larger vocabulary, a better understanding of the target language

And not to forget a better knowledge about the grammar. We partner with highly professional translators to bring you high quality translation services at affordable prices. But it is equally important to have a validation and verification system to remove any doubts about discrepancies. Nordic Trans developed such an integrated system in order to provide the best quality for our clients.

Our validation and verification system is helped by several Translation Quality Assurance (TQA) tools, such as:


XBench Tool

XBench, which is the main tool we have introduced, and it is an integrated reference tool aimed at providing a clear and structured view of the terminology of any translation project. This tool provides a unified and convenient view of the bilingual information, which can be prioritized by the user as required. As a Quality Assurance feature, XBench can check for consistency, numeric values and more.

SDL Trados

SDL Trados

SDL Trados Terminology verifier and Translation Quality Assurance Checker (referred to as Trados).

These QA tools are incredibly useful in improving the productivity of translators when it comes to large translation projects. Such tools are actually assisting translators by checking the translation against the glossary, making sure that proper terms are always used in translation.



Wordfast Quality Check feature (WF) best for checking terminology and “untranslatables”. It offers very good technical support to users.

This feature warns translators when possible errors appear during work such as typos, punctuation, general grammar but also consistency of the terminology being used.

QA Distiller

QA Distiller

QA Distiller (QAD) offers a big advantage by having the Batch Mode.

This particular tool supports over 90 languages and it can detect common errors like wrong number formats or double spaces, but it is also a great tool to check for omissions between the source file and the actual translation. It can also check on inconsistencies between languages and formatting errors.

Quality Assurance is one of NordicTrans’ most important steps in delivering you high quality translation services.

ISO Qualified Translations

Quality of a translation does not stop with a translator and a proofreader. The QA team at the end makes sure that all or any special requirements requested by the client are met entirely and the translation is of the highest quality.

Our Project Management Software

Not to forget project management, where state-of-the-art project management software, especially done for translation companies, is used to keep track of the translation process and to make sure that delivery is on time as agreed.

The ingredients of an accurate translation

Human translators

There is no match to a translation provided by a human brain. These are incomparable and the most accurate ones. At Nordic Trans, we only provide our clients with human translation just for the sake of maintaining quality and standards. The tools being used are more about helping the translators and maintaining workflow rather than assisting in translation.

Extra proofreading

We do not support translations without proofreading. This is because we want to be sure about what we are providing our clients with. A translation which is not proofread might result in errors and mistakes. It is better to put in the effort and make sure that no errors are taking place, hence saving a bundle of time and energy altogether and resulting in better translations.

Native translators

Why do we prefer native translators over other translators in the first place? This is done to make sure that the translations are accurate, native translators have far more accuracy in vocabulary and know the exact use of terminology. This way it is easier to centralize the terminology and bring out a translation which is as good as if the text was written in that language.

Glossaries and style guides

A company which assures you the quality translation, like NordicTrans, works with glossaries. Glossaries are the lists of words and phrases which might be unique or different but their translations are kept safe so it maintains workflow and can be reused whenever these phrases reoccur.  A glossary determines the use of language while a style guide shows how the language should be used.

Seemingly all these factors are very small, but they really add up in maintaining a standard of quality for translation services, a company should always be able to answer a client if they are asked that how do they assure the quality of their work and how are the check and balance maintained in the agency.

The Ingredients Of An Accurate Translation
Translation Quality Assurance Process

Our Translation Quality Assurance Process


The professional translators we are working with are familiar with the field of the material. They are only allowed to translate into their native language, so they understand the culture and religious aspects of your target market and conduct the translation accordingly. Such details may seem unimportant in English, but in other languages, a wrong choice of words could change the meaning of the content altogether.

Editing and Proofreading

The editors and proofreaders ensure that the document is translated well without any error. This can be anything from checking if client requirements have been implemented to fixing spelling mistakes and approving word choice. The proofreader is making sure that the translation is accurate and it fits the target market.

Quality Analysis

At NordicTrans, once we have the content translated, it has to go through quality analysis. This analysis makes sure that the translated version of the content is correct to its definition and is done according to context. This analysis helps us spotting and correcting mistakes and saves both our and our client’s time.

Client Review

Once the QA team is done with the file, the translation is sent to the client. Since what the client thinks really matters to us, we welcome our clients to come back to us with comments in regards to the translation. If that happens, we will quickly re-open the project and have the initial team of translators working on it until the client is fully satisfied with our work.

The benefits of translation quality assurance

Translation quality assurance is the determination and the testing of the quality of the output that whether the translation that we are offering to you is up to the mark and caliber, we are designated it with. This is to ensure the reputation of our company and to assure the with-holding quality of our translations.

But why do we use translation quality assurance? We believe in providing a platform where our clients can leave our relishing experience, satisfied which can only be ensured through a thorough checking of our methods of approach and determining the mistakes of our translations and linguists. These mistakes make us stronger in our further works of providing high quality translation services and enhances communication enhancement between the employees of our company.

This additional step of our translation methods leads to higher quality output. Furthermore, our claims and promises are fulfilled through this exercise; translations that you receive are up to the quality we guarantee which further promises a reliable experience on your side. We assign native, professional translators, proof-readers, and editors to double check the translations and ensure this quality assurance process.

Benefits Of Quality Assurance Process

Translation is challenging to manage. To ensure quality, it is best to have a professional team with experience in the field and a strict translation quality assurance process. Are you struggling with translation and localization? We can help. Contact us now and get high-quality, accurate translation services!

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