Quality Translation Services at Affordable Rates

Are you a business looking for the best translation agency that is able to translate your legal, technical, or marketing documents, your website or your software app fast and at an affordable price without compromising on quality? Or maybe you are an individual looking to get cheap translation services for your personal documents for immigration reasons? NordicTrans is ready to take on any task regardless of its size and complexity, and provide you with the most accurate translation at some of the best prices.

Our strong points

Translations from and into any language

Translations from and into any language

There aren’t many translation agency that could claim the fact that they can translate just about any language, and for good reason. Although we are specialized in the Scandinavian languages, we are in fact able to get your content translated with high accuracy from and into any language. With over 3000 professional translators in our team, we can do it, no matter if you have a highly specialized document or a message to be adapted and localized to a certain market.

Fast Delivery and Low Rates

Fast delivery and low rates

We are known to be fast at delivering your translation, and we strive to have it sent to you before the deadline. Large projects can also be delivered faster by using multiple translators on the same document. Rush translations or translations needed to be done over weekend are also welcome, and we don’t charge you extra for needing your translation in a hurry. We charge the same flat rate per word for any language, and our prices are some of the lowest you can find.

Quality Translations - Guaranteed

Quality translations – guaranteed

Some other companies may give you a low-quality output due to them assigning the job to a translator who is not a native of your target language, is not specialized in your field or is overwhelmed with projects. We don’t. We make sure our translators are natives in your target language, are specialized in your field and have no other assignments. Even more, we use 3 translators with every task, one to translate and the others to edit and proofread the translation.

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Translation for Business

Translation for Business

Are you looking for competent and capable translators of the varied languages of the world for your business? NordicTrans has developed the best translation team for business in the market!

We have localization, globalization, legal translation, financial translations and all other subjects that usually come up in business translation available to us!

We take clients from all over the world and are more than able to conduct complex and challenging translations between lesser-known languages as well.

Even though European nations use the same currency and similar lifestyles, other parts of the world are different, and when it comes to business content; every region has its own language that the content has to be translated into. Otherwise, the establishment of the business will become an ever more challenging task. That is why we have evolved into an all-in-one translation agency and are able to help you with anything you may need translated.

There are many steps that we have taken to ensure that you get the best quality translation services for your money but the basic principle is actually simple. We hire local translators! We hire natives and only assign native translators of your target language to your task. We always use 3 linguists to translate, edit and proofread. That is why our translators are more than able to conduct the translations successfully.

Translation for Immigration

Translation for Immigration

Are you traveling or immigrating to the UK or to the US and need a translation agency that specializes in translating personal documents for immigration? Then look no further, because NordicTrans is your target destination!

We are here to give you the best translation of your documents from your native language and English that you want to get your documents translated into.

We offer certified translations for any language into English! We know that all the immigration offices in both the US and the UK only accept certified translations.

Of course, we will make our Certificate of Authenticity while keeping in mind the target immigration office. We are not filling out a form in English. We care about your goals and our translators are aware of the responsibility they have to ensure that the translation is cleared by the immigration office.

No matter where you are immigrating to, UK or US, NordicTrans will give you the best certified translation, done in accordance with the requirements of the immigration office.

We employ native translators who are more than capable of translating your documents no matter how complex or how rare your source language is. With serious care about content quality, NordicTrans is your one-stop solution when it comes to language-related issues.

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Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Nordictrans is the largest Nordic translation company and provides high quality translation services from and into all languages.

We have a large team of over 3000 professional translators specialized in different fields and this allows us to translate any kind of document from and into just about any language.

Client satisfaction is our main concern; therefore we do our best to provide fast, yet high quality document translation services at affordable rates.

  Native Translators

  Quick Turnaround

  Affordable rates

  24/7 Support

Website Translation Services

Recent studies show that internet users will spend 3 times more time on your website if it is translated in their native language. Also, visitors are 4 times more eager to buy your products or services if your website speaks their mother tongue.

Even though it may seem that the entire world can speak English, approximately only 20% of the world’s total population can understand English. This percentage includes native speakers and second language speakers alike. By translating your website you would be able to reach out to 80% of the rest of the world.

NordicTrans has the necessary workforce and knowledge to provide website translation services for any site, from any language into all Nordic languages. Our web engineers and localization professionals are ready to work with our translators in order to make all necessary modifications to your site so you won’t have to add the translations yourself.

If you’re interested in getting quality translation services for any type of project, get in touch, we won’t let you down!

Website Translation Services
Software Localization

Software Localization

If you sell software or apps of any kind then you already know that localizing your software applications is one of the best ways to increase your sales.

With NordicTrans, software localization is no longer a hassle. Our in-house localization specialists and translators are ready to assist you with high quality translation services of user interfaces and localization services into over 100 languages.

Once done, our quality assurance team will check the final version of your software and make sure it is perfectly adapted to your target market.

A few reasons why you’d want to work with us:

  Quality Translation

  Perfect Localization

  24/7 Support

Highly accurate yet cheap translation services

Cheap Translation Services

One of the most highlighted features of NordicTrans is that we offer some of the most affordable rates to our customers. It is commonly believed by people that if there are two service providers and one of the two charges more than the other, the one that is costlier is better in quality. Well, this is not the actual case.

A service that charges more will not necessarily provide better services than a service provider which offers the same services at a lower cost. So, if you are looking for accurate yet cheap translation services, NordicTrans is the perfect choice.

We provide high-quality and fast translation services at a cost that is not offered by any other service provider. We do not compromise on quality and we believe that every person has the right to get the best services when needed and that is why the services we offer are provided at a very cheap rate.

We are definitely the cheapest service available at this level of quality. We always use two translators to each project no matter its size. The first translator translates and the second one proofreads the translation, making sure there are no errors or omissions and the message is perfectly conveyed into the target language. For us, customer satisfaction is more important than money and we strive to provide the best quality but also the best customer support. If you’re looking for quality translation services for business or for immigration, you will surely find us to the best provider.

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