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The website word counter tool is a script which calculates the number of words in an entire website and gives a translation quote. There may be certain situations when instead of wanting to know the word count of your writing; you’d prefer to know a website’s word count. That is, you’d prefer to know the word count for a site without having actually to count all the words on the website manually.

NordicTrans comes with a Website Word Counter tool which will do precisely that for you. It’s a website word counter explicitly created so you can count the number of words of any webpage on the Internet. To use the word count tool, all you need to know is the web URL of a webpage, put it into the tool with your valid email, and you can get specifically how many words are on that page by clicking the “send request” button. The word count tool will count the words of the website and provide that number to you.

There are many approaches to this knowledge that might be valuable. Translators usually want to know the number of words on a web page because it’s normal for them to count the words of the website and charge clients by words on the page they are translating, and not sure the number of words they address in the translated language. So by using this word count tool, you will also find out the website translation cost. For this reason, being able to determine the word count of a page quickly is essential.

This tool can also be utilized to check the pages of your website or blog reading level. When you know which pages are the most popular on your site, you can put the URL to view what number of words seems to function best with the subjects you write about. This online word count can help translators know the required reading level of the document. This makes word count estimate very easy for translators.

No matter the cause you choose to use this online word count tool, it should give you valuable information you can use to better your translation in addition to knowing the overall translation cost for the blogs and websites. You will know the word count estimate easily this way for your blogs.

Word Counter Tool from Nordictrans

Benefits of Using Website Word Count Tool

Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance

This word count estimate tool makes interpreting even the largest sites likely. No matter the size of your website, you can be sure our tool can handle it. You can trust that this tool is speedy and thorough for checking the reading level and total word count.

Maximum Compatibility

Maximum Compatibility

It is compatible with most website technology, including SharePoint , WordPress, ASP.NET, Joomla , PHP, and more. It’s secure and easy to use, yet robust enough to handle complex sites. It is affordable, feature rich and can word count your whole website. Use it today and see it for yourself.

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take our word for it. From start-up businesses to global enterprises, everyone is using the online tool to find the total words on the website and translation cost of the site! No matter how big or small your website is, our tools are right for you. They let you know the reading level and work as Word frequency counter.

Word Counter Tool is Essential 

Why Would You Require A Website Word Counter Tool?

We were conscious of the truth that paramount importance is difficult in defining the translation cost for a website and designed our tools that are here to help you out of even the urgent situations.

There is no simple method of choosing out every word that is spread across the different places in a website and make certain that are all considered for. Our website word counter tool crawls your site, creates a record of pages, counts the words in all the pages and assures that the words that are being counted are all added up. You will place the website URL in the relevant area, add your email ID and we will guarantee that all the words on your website are calculated, and a report is given to you by email. This works amazingly for your social media platforms where it’s very important to know the word frequency counter. This word count checker works as your personal online editor and can check your google documents and paragraph count.

Word counter tool is essential because they make sure that the words are all involved in counts, and the client is not confused over and over again with new ultimate numbers. We are here to give surety that our website well matches all the word counter calls that you may find while doing your word counting methods, and you do not feel troubled.

If you need to examine the word count of a specific page of your business website, there is space where you have to paste the URL of that page of your website. Also, you require filling your email address in the space provided further below. Then a call is sent to our system, and we reply to you with an email which involves the outcomes of our word count tool.

Our website word count tool is needed when you need to translate or localize your website. If it is a business profile or a blog or an online store, we can help you with everything. We can manage localization projects in a very professional way with the best-specialized translators.

Also if you are looking for language translation of your website, you will find NordicTrans handling it the best for you. You can make contact with us through live chat or email, and we are at your service.

NordicTrans is always looking to enhance the counters we provide. If you have suggestions you feel would make this tool better, please feel free to give us your suggestions.

Here at NordicTrans, we consider in making things smoother for our clients. And for this, we give them with all the most authentic tools. These tools have been designed to genuinely help our clients determine based on cost and take timely decisions.

Word Counter Tool

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