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Everyone has dozens of important moments in life that they never forget. The joy of those moments can be brought back any time just by thinking about them. But there are also a few moments of life that are very important but none of us remember them. They mostly happened before we started forming memories. The biggest moment that happened during that time was the birth. None of us remember being born or how we felt at that time but without that moment, we wouldn’t have come into existence any way. If we hadn’t been born, we wouldn’t have made any memory of our life’s important moments.

Although we may not have any recollection of the moment we came into this world, it is the most precious memory of our parents’ life. They remember it as vividly as yesterday’s events. They probably cried tears of joy when they held us for the first time. They tell us about that day once we are old enough to ask about such things and we can hear the happiness in their tone. Parents start taking pictures of their babies from an early age so they can preserve those joyful moments for ever. A lot of those pictures also help adults get a glimpse of their childhood, the clothes they used to wear, the games they liked to play, the way they laughed, and the way they cried.

birth certificate

If you have a picture of you that was taken immediately after your birth, you will notice how tiny you were and maybe you will spend a few minutes thinking about the miracle that is human life. How a tiny person can grow up, start walking, learn things, and build a life for themselves. It is remarkable indeed and getting to witness that journey in pictures that your parents took of you from time to time is a great feeling, something you should thank your parents for whenever you can.

But the pictures show your visual life journey starting from your birth. They are there for emotional value. You know they are your pictures because your parents have no reason to lie to you. But they hold no official value. You can’t go to a government office and show them a picture from the time of your birth as proof of your identity. So, no matter how much they mean to you, they won’t hold in front of a government official. That’s why birth certificates exist. Your parents don’t only take your photos to remember your birth with but also get your data into official records so you don’t have any problems in your life. They register your birth so that things like your admission into school and getting a driver’s license once you turn the required age can go smoothly. The certificate will also include information about your parents so that no office has to ask for extra documentation related to them. Without this piece of document, you won’t exist officially and will be deprived of all the benefits that other citizens enjoy.

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Uses of a Birth Certificate:

It has so many uses that it is impossible to list all of them here. But the most important ones are also the most obvious ones. Each time you apply at an academic institute for studies or at a company for job, you will have to show this certificate, not only to prove that you are a citizen of your country but also as evidence of you having a legal identity that cannot be challenged in a court of law. No company or institute can trust an individual who doesn’t have a birth certificate and therefore someone without one, won’t be able to get anywhere in life.

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Translation of the Birth Certificate:

birth certificate

Another important use of the certificate is during the time of immigration or visa application. The rules set up by embassies and immigration offices keep getting stricter. In order to get your application accepted, it is important to follow all the rules properly. But sometimes, people don’t do their research and as a result are unaware about a few very important rules. One of them is the requirement of translation for all the documents that are in a foreign language.

You can’t talk in your native tongue in front of an English-speaking person and expect them to know what you are saying, right? So, how can you expect someone to be able to read your documents when they don’t speak the same language as you. Applying for the US immigration is a lengthy and scary process but what you can do is prepare beforehand so you don’t end up getting surprised. One of the things you should do early is to get a translation of your birth certificate if it is not in English. The process of translation is not that simple that your computer can handle it. There are highly qualified translators in the world whose specialty is to handle documents for immigration and visa purposes. They know that such documents have to be accurately translated. In other words, only certified translation of such documents is accepted.

birth certificate
birth certificate translation

Once you find an agency who you think can handle your birth certificate’s translation and deliver in time without charging extra fee, you can sit back and let them do their job. You will get your accurate translation and that will help you get your immigration or visa application accepted.

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