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Whether you need translation for business or for personal reasons there are certain advantages in getting the right translator to the task. The benefits of using specialized translation fields are many, and here are some of the most important ones:

  • The translator is knowledgeable in your field so the translation will be accurate just because the terms used in your document are familiar to the translator.
  • The translation will be done according to the requirements. For instance, a legal translator knows how to translate a legal document, following particular requirements in the field. A general translator wouldn’t know that.
  • The translation will be done faster. Since the translator is aware of the terms in your document, he will spend less time researching for possible translations of a certain term, leading to a faster turnaround.
  • The translation is cheaper. Since the translator doesn’t have to spend time doing research, the price will go down accordingly.

Due to the above reasons, NordicTrans works with specialized translators who are well versed in their field of expertise. With us, you get the assurance that the translator and the proofreader is selected based his language skills but also based on his knowledge in the field of your document. Working this way, we manage to get translations done faster and more accurate, while keeping costs down. Specialized translation doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be accurate, and that is exactly what we provide.

specialized translation fields

Working with us gets you

any specialized translation field

Any specialized translation field

We are working with over 3.000 specialized translators and we are able to work with any specialized translations fields, including technical, medical or legal documents. Although we have started as a Nordic translation agency, we have developed into a leading international company with offices in both the US and the UK.

accurate output

Highly accurate output

Our translators are assigned to projects based on rigid internal rules. The translators can only translate into their native language, and they need to be specialized in the field of your document. Same goes for proofreaders, and we always assign at least 2 translators to each project, with the second verifying the work of the first, leading to highly accurate output.

fast turnaround

Fast turnaround

With large projects we are able to assign more than 2 translators and we can split the project between multiple teams in order to finish the translation on time. Even with using one single translator, we are able to provide fast turnaround times as since the translator is knowledgeable in the field, he would spend less time researching and more translating.

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Translation services are our specialty, no matter what the subject matter is. We provide accurate output in the following specialized translation fields:

PR Marketing

PR Marketing

translation fields

Media Communication


E Commerce Translations

Telecommunication Translation


Financial Management
Warehouse Management
Purchases Management
Production Management
Sales Management
Supply Chain Management
e-business and
Business Intelligence


ERP Solutions
Commercial Brochures
Technical Description
ISO Certification Procedure
In-house Communication


Iphone apps


Magazines localization
Press Releases


Messaging and Security Software
Networking & System Administration
Manufacturing Procedures
Operating Manuals


Press Releases
Marketing Surveys
Company Clips
Conference Materials
Sales Force & Marketing Presentations
Media Press Kits

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NordicTrans has the necessary resources and workforce to provide translation services in just about any field. We have specialized translators who are fully capable of providing medical translations, technical translations, legal and business translations for documents and websites.

Certified translation for immigration

Certified translation is another one of the specialized translation fields we are working in. Numerous people come to use every day asking for certified translation for immigration to the US or to the UK and we help them with their project in 24 hours or less at some of the lowest rates on the internet.

How can we do legal translation for both countries?

If you were wondering how are we able to provide certified translation for both US and UK, the answer is easy: we have offices in both countries which are staffed with translators specialized in immigration. Our project managers and our translators know the requirements for such translations and whenever someone comes to us for that, we deliver accurate translations in under a day.

We translate from just about any language into English and all translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the immigration office.

translation for immigration
our translation fields

Our Translation Fields

There is a very good reason for you and your business to consider the benefits of using the best business translation services in the market today. It makes a lot of sense for you to consider this, especially when you are looking for legal translations. The kinds of documents that you will be using in the course of such business transactions normally require the highest level of discretion. For this reason, you need to get your legal translation needs handled by professionals like the team that we have.

From the moment we start working with you on technical translations, you will come to appreciate the work that we do. When it comes to this kind of business translation there is nothing that is too technical for our team to handle. We are able to provide technical translation services for you in a very short time, so that you can get back to your business and do what you normally do with ease.

Since we started offering our translation services, our reach has been widespread all over the region. As a matter of fact you can now also get medical translations from us, so that all your medical documents are easier to understand. You can imagine a situation where you are moving to a new country, but no one can understand the information on your medical papers. This is why we will assist you with medical translation to the most intricate dialect so far, so that you are able to get nothing but the best services based on the same.

We provide quality translations at affordable rates for any of the translation fields above. If you are looking for something that’s not in the list, get in touch with us, there is a high chance we can provide it for you!

Specialized translation at low rates

If it were a few decades ago, you wouldn’t even consider specialized translation as something that has a future, but with globalization, you know without translating a language into another, you can’t make things work out and now we see translation fields to expand every day. Not just documents and certificates, translation has moved above and beyond in all circles of life. You may see an app in a language that you don’t understand, you can instantly check out the version of the same app in your own language. Well, that’s the power and use of translation where and when needed.

Speaking of specialized translation, the most common that we use and hear about these days, include medical, technical, legal, certified, website translation, app localization and official translations. But in a way, you can’t put a limit to the translation fields of the upcoming future. There are apps being developed to make people communicate to other people who speak a totally different language but can understand each other by typing or speaking to the app. Well, that’s just one wonder to mention here but the real truth is, the translation fields will be expanding more in the future and this will eventually turn this world into a village.

Specialized translation used to be expensive and it still is with some providers, but not with us. We translate any type of document from and into any language at the same price, no matter the field. If you need specialized translation and you’ve only been given high prices, ask us for a free quote, you’ll see the difference!

specialized translation

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