Medical Translation Services

The translation industry has seen enormous growth in the last years and according to recent research, it will continue to grow. The reason why translation is in high demand is globalization. Companies need to use translation services in order to expand their businesses to new markets. The need for medical translation services is something that has arisen over the past few years. It is an incredible experience, one that so many people prefer not to take for granted. There are a lot of instances where these services would come in handy for you, and it is because of this reason that you need to make sure that you have a really good translator working for you no matter if it is medical translation online what you are looking for, or regular brick-and-mortar offices.

When it comes to translating medical documents it is of utmost importance that you get nothing but the best service providers to get you the best output at the best rates. One of the main reasons why you need to think about working with us is because of the fact that we do not just translate from one language to the other, we also ensure high accuracy, along with properly following your instructions and using correct terminology, and all that at a price you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

You can always count on us for accurate medical translations

accurate medical translation online

Fast medical translation online

Although you are welcome to visit our offices in Birmingham, UK or in Coral Gables, US, you don’t have to drop by if you can’t, you can always order your translation on our website. You can get the same highly accurate medical translation online, with ease. Get in touch by live-chat, email, or give us a call, and our experienced project managers will answer all your questions and provide you a free quote in minutes, no matter if it’s in the middle of the night or during the weekend, we are available around the clock!

any language combination

Any language combination

When it comes to certain languages it is hard to find professional translators for. It is even harder to find linguists with medical background who could provide accurate translations for medical documents. With us you don’t have to worry about it, we have a strong team of medical translators who can translate from and into almost any language. We can even do rare language combinations where English isn’t one of them, especially when it comes to the Nordic languages.

accurate yet cheap translation

Accurate yet cheap translation

There will be 3 linguists working on your project: one to translate, another to edit and the last to proofread the translation, with our quality assurance team checking the translation one more time before being delivered. Despite having your project go through so many steps before reaching your inbox, due to using a highly efficient project management software, we are able to finish your translation on time, and to give you one of the best rates you can find on the international market.

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Medical Translation Services

Need medical translation services?

Medical translation is a highly specific field where mistakes could lead to disastrous results, therefore, such translations are to be done only by professional translators specialized in this field. NordicTrans provides high quality medical translation services for just about any medical document, including:

  Medical Records

  Medical Materials

  User Manuals

  Research Studies

  Clinical Trials

  Training Materials

  Drug Documentation

  Patient Information

  Toxicology Reports

Pharmaceutical translation services

The world of medicine has its own paramount value. It is not easy to treat the patients, prescribe medicines, handling the instruments and preparing medical reports and what not. All these little things are actually very important and they come with great responsibility. Not only the doctors, but all the pharmaceutical companies which supply medicine and handle the making of all the instruments and machines needed by the doctors are also a part of the medical field and are in need of pharmaceutical translation services.

NordicTrans deals with any medical companies and pharmacies if they need translations. Medical translation services are not just about the medical reports, but it has a lot more in the field which might need language translation services too. Some of them we can name for you are pharmaceutical companies, which need translations for drug labels and drugs inserts, user manuals, production requirement documents and SOPs. Along with these, there are a lot more complicated things which need to be dealt in the best way.

Only a company who has translators with vast knowledge in this field can handle complicated documents. When it comes to medicine and medication, one can never risk changes in the meaning. For this, you should definitely trust our services because we have translators who are specialized in the field. We assure you quality and accuracy at the same place with best prices and quickest deliveries.

pharmaceutical translation services
translation for medical documents

Get the best while paying less

If you are looking for better medical translation services which can provide accurate translations for all your medical documents, NordicTrans is the translation company you want to partner with, as we are able to translate any document and follow any special instructions.

We do not just translate for you from one language to the other; we make sure that we use the right terminology and maintain the context of your document while we are at it. This is as a matter of fact the most important part of the task. Your work needs not only to be translated, but when we send back the file, it has to be a highly accurate translation using proper terminology, in the correct format.

Wherever needed, we can work with CAT tools if you want to save money on your future translations and to maintain consistency across translations. We can also work with your existing translation memory if you have one, no matter which CAT tool has been used before.

Timely medical translation online in any language

Medical translation online is often required urgently because of the rapid provision of healthcare and the fatalities it encompasses. This type of translation is also required for a variety of other purposes and is highly needed in the pharmaceutical field as well. Furthermore, the presence of contagiously malignant diseases needs to be recognized in individuals before they are permitted into an institution or a state. Educational institutions also require medical records translation with the application, which ensures the possible admission of the student.

We, at NordicTrans, recognize the importance of these translations, which is why we offer timely delivery along with accurate services at low rates.  We do not charge any hidden rates or rush rates when urgent delivery is needed because we know how vital it is and we understand the need for it to be made accessible to you as soon as possible. We deal with over 120 languages and various combinations and our services are available at a global scale so clients from all over the world have quick access to cheap yet accurate services.

On top of regular medical translation online, we can also provide certification or notarization for any medical document.

timely medical translation online

Certified translation for medical records or medical certificates

Medical emergencies can occur anywhere, even during your holidays or during your daily routine. But if just that is the case or something similar you might have to stay away from work for a longer time than you actually had taken off. When you will go back to your work, you will have to submit all the possible required documents to sanction the extended leave you were forced to take. Such situations might take you to translation agencies because you will have to translate your certificates in a language which is acceptable at your office.

If you are immigrating to the US or to the UK, you will need to have your medical records and your medical history translated and certified, and we are able to help you with certified medical translation services, as well as certified translations for any personal documents like birth or marriage certificates.

Contact us anytime and we will be at your service to translate any document, medical reports, and medical certificates can be handled with the same care and attention as we deal with big projects.

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