Diploma Translation Services

It is not so easy to understand the need for diploma translation services until that moment when you find yourself in a position where you definitely need to get it translated fast, and because you have so much riding on it. Any time that you need to translate a diploma, you will realize that this is a really important task that you cannot take for granted. Diplomas, degrees, academic records are important documents for you, documents that can determine whether or not you will get hired for a particular job or be admitted to the university you dreamed of. It is therefore important to make sure that when you need to get them translated into English, you get someone who can do that for you without a hitch.

diploma translation services

Accurate diploma translation services

It should be quite easy to translate a diploma, and should be done in an instant, one might be thinking. The ease with which we are able to translate your diploma into English is something that you certainly need to look into. The actual problem lies within making it look like the original. When it comes to certified translation, it is not just the actual translation which needs to be accurate, it is also about extracting the text to be translated from an image, and when the translation is done, add the translated text back into the original format. Once done, we certify it and send it to you.

We are working hard to make sure that we are able to get your work faster, while maintaining the high quality standards we have imposed to ourselves. Providing a diploma translation which isn’t done in accordance with the requirements imposed by the institution the translation was intended for is useless to you, and this is why we make sure that your translation is done the right way. We don’t take any shortcuts, and this is why we are able to guarantee that the translation will be accepted.

A few reasons why our diploma translation services are some of the best in town:

high quality academic translations

High quality

Regardless of project size, we only deliver high quality translations. With us you are rest assured that your diploma translation will be accepted by the institution requiring it. We always assign 3 linguists to your project: one to translate, a second to edit and a third to proofread the translation. Once done, the translation will be sent to you for approval and only after that we will certify it and send you the final result!

fast turnaround time

Fast turnaround

We know that when you ask for a translation you need it fast, and we strive to provide the shortest deadlines. We believe in maintaining quality along with being time efficient. Time is money and we prefer saving our time and our clients too. As soon as the translation is done it is sent off to the client through email. Any certified translation will be ready in 24 hours or less, depending on the availability of our translators.

affordable translation rates

Affordable rates

At NordicTrans, you will find one of the lowest rates in the market. We have implemented this policy of low rates to facilitate our clients so that they all can afford a translation. Sometimes it is believed that the higher the price, the better will be the quality but in our case, you get both: due to being highly efficient, we are able to offer affordable rates and fast turnaround times without compromising the quality.

Always Available Norwegian Translation

Open 24/7

We are open around the clock and you will always have an experienced project manager at the other end of the line to answer any of your questions, to provide a free quote or to keep you apprised about the status of your project. We do not charge any extra fees if you need your translation in a hurry or need to have it done over the weekend. Visit our office, give us a call or get in touch by live chat, we will always be there for you.

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Degree translation, academic records translation hard to get?

Are you thinking about getting admitted in the University of Miami? The one in Coral Gables, or any other university in the US? Well, we are here to help you get the right translation for your international documents!

Getting a degree translation may not be easy, especially when you don’t know where to get it. Same goes for academic records translation. Generally speaking, when it comes to translation for university admission, you get to ask yourself questions like, would this translation be accepted, or is it really that expensive to have my academic records translated?

Our translation office in Coral Gables is here to help you get all the educational documents translated according to the specifications of universities in Coral Gables, Miami, and throughout the US.

We will translate your degrees, academic records and all other documents that you require translated in order to apply for higher education in the United States. We work in close accordance with the university requirements so your degree translation will be accepted and we’ll do it fast, in 24 hours or less. We also sport some of the lowest rates in the market for this level of quality, and don’t charge you extra for translations needed in a rush or for projects needed to be completed over the weekend.

degree translation from any language into English
The importance of getting high quality academic translation

The importance of getting high quality services

We need documents throughout our life. Sometimes as a reason for a career, for academic purposes, for immigration and other times in legal proceedings, they become an integral part of our daily life. When you plan to move abroad for higher studies, it is certain that you will need to submit your important documents along with certified translations if the documents are not in English. So would you like to risk your case with a bad quality service? Authorities, like immigration and customs, do not accept low-quality translations.

If you are in hassle and don’t know where you have to go for getting your documents translated NordicTrans is the right place. We understand the importance of such documents for you and make sure that you get exactly what you need. If what you want is a certified translation for your degrees, diplomas or academic records, we have specialized translators always available to provide you with the best services.

It is not an easy journey to come up high in the market of translation services. Experience is what brings up a business. NordicTrans is one of the leading translation companies with offices in the US and the UK, ready to take on any task and handle it with care and professionalism to outmost customer satisfaction.

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What if the content is in English?!

This is a very common query for students who are applying for education in the United States. NordicTrans has seen that there are many international educational institutions all around the world that conduct their entire education in English. Their students study in English; clear examinations in English and the results are all prepared in English.

If the educational institution is affiliated or accredited with an international educational evaluation board, then you can only provide your original documents with the affiliation stamps for your educational institution properly visible.

The International Affiliation

The international affiliation is a matter simpler than you think. If your country has a board of education that presents all its member educational institutions for validation to international standards, your degree will be cleared. You will only need to get it stamped by the US Embassy near you. If the educational board of your country does not have an international standardized education system, you will need to get your educational documents ‘translated’ for the universities in the United States.

academic records translation
Who is eligible to conduct certified translation for university admission?

Who is eligible to conduct certified translation for university admission?

In order to be eligible to conduct the translation for submission in the Universities in the United States, the translator has to be a professional linguist with background experience in the legal field. If the translation is a regular instead of certified, then it will not be accepted by the admissions office as a viable record. The institution will have a dubious stance on the contents of the translation, i.e. the applicant’s grades, the credibility of the education certificate and the subjects that the applicant has covered in his or her academic years will all become open to question.

This is why the educational institutions, that receive an impressive amount of international applications for their programs, have developed a system to ensure the credibility criterion for the applicants. This is done so that the students will not find the process of evaluation unfair. All foreign students have to provide translation for university admission for their documents, done in a pre-decided manner for evaluation to make sure that their applications are never rejected simply because of incomplete credibility assertions.

High quality, fast and affordable academic translation services

Once again, you need to understand that these are important papers that can open doors for you into educational institutions or employment opportunities. Therefore to make your work easier, and the work of whoever will be looking into your papers later on, make good use of the diploma translation services that we have on offer and everything else will be just fine for you.

If you choose to use diploma and degree translation services, you are supposed to look out for nothing but the best service providers out there. You are supposed to think about those individuals who have what it takes to give you nothing but the best services, without having to pay hefty prices for it. This is what we are offering, and it is what we like to do. When your work is done by us, you will have no qualms at all with the quality, and you will never have to worry about rejection.

NordicTrans is here to give you the right translation for university admission that will get you in your favorite university in South Florida. You will be flying to Coral Gables in no time! Of course, our translations will be just as good for any other university in the US.

We provide certified and notarized translations as they are required by the educational boards in the US. All of our translators are professional linguists, experienced in the legal field, and we ensure you, our translation will clear any and all of your choices for education in the United States.

fast and affordable academic translation services
translation of diploma

Diploma translation for university admission

Diploma translations are important for immigrant students who wish to continue their studies abroad and embark their new career successfully. These diploma translations are required by the colleges or universities along with the application for admission. The translation holds the necessary information of your educational past that you acquired in your native land which needs to be converted in the target language with accuracy.

Why choose us? The grading system followed in your native land may differ from the one followed in the country you wish to seek education in. Proper conversion according to the system followed in the target country is vital to make the people in the administration office determine the accurate results of your education such that your hard work and admission is not compromised.

Furthermore, the requirements of a translation that is to be submitted to the respective institution must be in knowledge of the translators to save you from delays that could potentially make your immigration process complicated. Our translation agency is recognized as a leader in the industry, which is why our quality translations are accepted at educational institutions across the country. All our diploma translations are certified and are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US or in the UK.

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