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NordicTrans specializes in translations involving all the Nordic languages, but we do translations from and into any other language. One of the most sought language combination we see these days is French into Nordic languages and the other way around. Our online connection with over 3000 linguists gives us the option to translate from and into any language and our French translation services are at the same level of quality with the rest of the languages.

French Translation

Get the best French translation services

Our expertise is in translating documents, websites and software from and into just about any language, particularly from and into the Nordic languages. However, customer demands drove us into expanding our languages range for translations, such as the French translation. Our French translation services are requested and done just like the other language translation services that we do, with the same attention for quality.

Wherever you may be and whatever reasons you may have for acquiring any language translation services, you can always count on the services that we provide here at NordicTrans. Our French translation services are among the range of translation services that we do and we have French in our roaster since years ago. Ever since, we have been providing our customers with translation services that are of the highest quality, with quick turnaround time, and at the most affordable rates there are in the market today. We’ve been in this business for over 16 years now and we are the largest translation agency in the entire Northern Europe.

Accurate  French translations for various needs

French Translation for Business

French translation for business

If you are a business looking to expand your reach into the French market or simply want to communicate with your French partners or clients, get in touch. We provide translation for business for any field including technical, legal or medical. Depending on your needs, we can also localize your text to a specific French market like France or Canada. Website translation and translation of your software or app is also within your reach with us, and you can have it perfectly done at affordable rates.

French Translation from Any Language

From and into any language

Imagine your local business reaching more and more markets through globalization and localization, think about how many new clients you may have by simply translating your website in another language. Think about the effectiveness of your message after it has been translated and perfectly adapted to the target market, think about the impact a proper translation and localization strategy could have on your business. All of that is now at your reach and won’t cost a fortune with NordicTrans!

French Translation Services For Immigration

Translation for immigration

Are you from one of the 29 countries where French is the official language and looking to immigrate or study into the US or the UK? It doesn’t matter where you are from, France, Canada, Switzerland or any other French country, we can help you with your translation needs. We provide certified translation for personal documents like birth and marriage certificates, but also for diplomas and degrees, which is guaranteed to be accepted by any state institution in both UK and US.

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Some of the services we provide:

French Translation Quality

Our strong points

Quality assurance

Is on top of the company’s list of priorities, and this has brought us to be one of the leading translation companies around the globe today. We always follow the standards set by the International Standard Organisation (ISO); and we will always stick to our commitment of providing the best translation services in the market today. At present, we are known as the largest operating translation services agency in Northern Europe. We have the best native French translators to perform any French translation and whenever or wherever you want it delivered.

We take any project no matter its size

No matter what’s the type and size of the project you have, we will accept and cater to every translation needs for you. We always deliver finished projects on a timely manner, and sometimes even faster. Regardless of how large or small your project on French translation is, we will always give you the best outputs of the highest quality, at really affordable rates.

Low rates

The rates for our translation services are lower than those who have high-end services in the industry, yet we guarantee that all our outputs are truly high-end.

No rush or weekend extra fees

We have the best price rates with no hidden fees or unwanted charges for all our services rendered. Weekend projects and rushed project orders are all quoted with the same price rates, no additional fees.

Any language, any field of expertise

We render services for almost any project area or field of specialisation there is, regardless of your time zone or location in the world. We’ve taken advantage of technology with all its advancements and put it to use in order to serve you better and make sure that you get the best quality when it comes to French translation services.

Any French dialect at your reach

Linguists attach a certain kind of romanticism with the French language. And maybe they are not so wrong after all, as French is being spoken and learned largely worldwide. The number of French speakers is growing every day. French has been accepted around the world as a friendly language and is also being studied in numerous colleges and schools all around the globe. There are approximately 300 million French speakers statistically. French also has a remarkable population across 54 countries and 5 continents.

When it comes to business, French is dealt in two categories such as European French and Canadian French. At NordicTrans, we translate on a general level, where the nature of the text is translated by judging the target audience. Both dialects of French are looked after well and by using specialized translators, natives of the dialect, accuracy is easy to be attained. Our translators are specialized in handling French as a universal language. You can use our services to get the best outcome at economical rates.

So if you have to translate from English to French or French to English the best place to have your services done is at NordicTrans. You want the translation to be more in Belgian French or Swiss-French or whichever dialect you take up, we are up to do your work. Not only that your work will be done, but it will be the best result that you would have ever expected of an agency.

Translation Into Any French Dialect
High Quality Guaranteed

High quality guaranteed

French translation services are one of the most required services in the industry, as the language is outgrowing. We are competent and capable to take up as many tasks as our clients would want us to. And we deliver the most difficult tasks with the most professional attitude. Your translations are done and sent back to you in the fastest time possible, always before the deadline. Due to our uncompromised services, we have a huge clientele in the French-speaking regions.

This is what our clients love about our agency and we have been fulfilling these promises over the years. We are glad whenever new clients come for work to us, we warmly welcome them to our agency and we wish to have them come over and over again. For this, we strive hard to make our efforts work and satisfy your needs.

We have been working in the industry with the French translation for a long time now and the tips and tricks for best translations in French are now at the fingertips of our teams. The translators are natives and have been doing translations for a considerable amount of time. Also, the task is always handed over to the translators who are experienced in your particular field. They make sure to put out their best in the form of your translations and we are proud that all of our clients have always loved the work and have been thankful for the services they had been facilitated with. The biggest achievement of our company has been our loving and loyal clients. We treasure their appreciation to the core.

French to English translation for personal documents

If you are looking for the best French to English translation services, NordicTrans is what you need.

You will not find any translation service provider which provides such professional and accurate French translations for both immigration purposes as well as business. Whichever language you want to get your French documents translated in, NordicTrans is there to provide this service. Quality translation from French to any other language is what we excel in and we also provide urgent French to English translation services to people in need of their documents translated in a rush.

People who are planning to migrate into the US or the UK can get certified translation solutions from NordicTrans. No matter what country you are from, our translation services are recognized and accepted by every immigration office. Providing certified translation solutions for personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and medical certificates, we guarantee that our translations will be accepted by any state institution in the US and in the UK.

French to English

Choose NordicTrans for French Translation Services

French is one of those languages that is spoken all around the globe. French is the official language of 29 countries and it is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. We have French translators on board that can translate all legal documents and also provide the best localization services from and to French. You just have to contact us at your convenience as we are working around the clock. With Nordic Trans, one does not have to worry about the quality because that is something we do not compromise upon. Choose NordicTrans for French translation services at low rates and you will not regret it.

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