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NordicTrans is a translation agency in Coral Gables near Miami which stands out in the industry. Whether you are in Europe, UK, USA or even if you are anywhere around the world, we are here for you online at any time. Just some tips and clicks away, NordicTrans is a well-known translation company which is set to provide quality and accuracy. Whether you need Miami translation services which are available 24/7, or a reliable partner that can give you quality document translation services in due time no matter where you are located, get in touch!

high quality services

High quality services

Providing a client with high quality translations is not an easy task and can’t be trusted to the first-comer. Anyone looking for a translation is looking for low rates, high quality and fast turnaround. We have all these prerequisites and much more, which you can discover by choosing us for any and all your translation needs. With us, you are sure that a team of professional translators will work on your project and will deliver your translation in time and at an affordable price.

any document in any language

Any document, in any language

You can always come to our office in Coral Gables and talk to us directly, but you can also contact us online, from the comfort of your home. We have project managers standing by, ready to set up your project at any time. We translate just about anything, from business documents to personal documents for immigration, from websites to software apps, from and into any language. Your translation will be delivered to you through email, but a hard copy can be mailed to your doorstep on request too.

available around the clock

Available around the clock

You can contact us anytime around the clock and our project managers are always ready to help you. Not only that your questions are answered, but they are also ready to provide you with additional information related to your translation needs. They are able to provide you with a free quote in just a few minutes, or to set up your project with us in no time. And if you have comments after delivery, we can always reopen your project and work on it until you are satisfied with the result.

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Miami Translation Office, Open 24/7

If you are in Miami and require translation services for documents or websites, drop by our office located in Coral Gables. We work around the clock for your convenience, and we can help you with translations of any kind, from and into any language.

Some of the services we offer at the Coral Gables location:

Translation for immigration

Translation for business

Technical translation

Medical translation

Legal translation

and much more…

Our address is:

NordicTrans – Translation Services

2332 Galiano Street, 2nd Floor,
Coral Gables, FL, 33134
Phone: (786) 539-4774
E-mail: [email protected]

Certified translation for immigration

certified translation for immigration

Are you getting your documents translated for the USCIS office?

Then you should definitely get certified translations!

United States Customs and Immigration Office (USCIS) have a strong policy to receive only certified translations from applicants of immigration.  A certified translation is a translation that comes with a certificate of accuracy from the translator. This certificate states that the translator takes full responsibility for the contents of the translation and is responsible for the accuracy and credibility of the translation that is submitted to their office. The translator gives details of his credentials as well as his qualification.

Why certified translations are needed? The immigration office receives numerous applications every day and they do not have the time to ensure the authenticity of the contents of the translation that is submitted to them. This is why they have put in place the ruling that every applicant has to submit translations that are certified. This is done to ensure that when a translation is presented to the USCIS office, the translation is up to standards and will be easy to verify. The translator can be contacted at any time to discuss the contents of translation that he has done.

We provide certified translations for documents like:

If you need Miami translation services, it’s easy to reach our office whether by paying us a visit or contacting us online. Get in touch when you want, you’ll find us here 24/7.

Certified translation for diplomas and academic records

academic records translation

Why do you need a certified translation of educational documents?

NordicTrans says, because most educational institutions have a vested interest in ensuring that their students are credible and verified. The translation that is being given to them is sent by a student. The contents of the translation are of great significance for the decision to clear the applicant.

Whether the applicant is applying for a job or an international program abroad, the contents of the translation are going to decide the fate of the student. No educational institution or any office wants to reject a student because the translation is faulty or problematic. The translation has to be verified in order to make sure that the applicant is submitting authentic documents and has not forged any significant information.

The subject matter, the names of the topics and various subjects that were translated are all important information. They need to be accurate in order to have the applicant’s information properly vetted. This is why the translation is strongly encouraged to be translated by a verified translation agency and be presented with a certificate of authenticity from the translator.

Diploma and Degree Translations

Diploma and degree translations are all accepted by employers and they have a serious interest in making sure that the prospective employee is presenting verified documents.

Certified translations are a way to make sure that the information is accurate, and our Miami translation services do just that. Notarized translation is also available if you need your translation notarized. All our certified or notarized translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US.

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quality translation in miami

Quality translations at affordable rates in Coral Gables

With offices in the UK and in United States, NordicTrans is a market leading translation company specialized in Nordic languages. We collaborate with native translators, living in both Europe and US, who are carefully selected in order to provide high quality translations for all of our clients.

Our translation process follows the strictest ISO regulations and mistakes just don’t happen with us. Your document goes through the following phases:

  • Translation is done by a native, professional translator;
  • A second native linguist edits and proofreads the translation;
  • Our Quality Assurance team checks the outcome for any inconsistencies and provides a quality report;
  • The final translation is delivered to the client.

No matter if you’re looking for Miami translation services for business or you need your personal documents translated for immigration, you can always count on us to deliver accurate services at fair prices.

Your benefits in working with us

It is important to get quality translation no matter what you need it for, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. If you’re running a business you already know how important it is to clearly communicate with your clients in their native language. If you’re an individual immigrating to the United States, you’ll need quality certified translation or even notarized translation for USCIS, as submitting sub-standard translations will cause long delays in your immigration case. This will be alleviated when you use our Miami translation services: your translations will be of the highest quality and at the best prices in the industry.

The advantages our Miami translation office provides:

  • We work around the clock;
  • We only provide high quality output;
  • We don’t charge an arm and a leg, we have the best rates in the industry;
  • We don’t charge extra for rush or weekend jobs;
  • We provide fast turnaround for any project;
  • If you drop by the office in Coral Gables, your coffee is on us!

Over 1,000 clients have been happy so far with our Miami translation services and you’re about to become one too. Get in touch now to ask us anything or to request your free, 5-minute quote!

Miami translation services
document translation services in Miami

Document translation services in Miami, available 24/7

Miami is considered to be the capital of Latin America and also known in its vicinity as the gateway to America. It is one of the major cities of America, claiming to have the largest American-Cuban population in the world. It is known to be one of the biggest cities in the state of Florida.

Miami is not only a favorite tourist spot, but it has gradually become the hub of the international market. People from all around the globe come in Miami and explore the various industries here such as the fashion industry, banking at an international level, arts and crafts, education and the growing financial industry.

Due to the population residing here, the language used for communication is not just English but also Spanish, which is why document translation services in Miami are highly needed. Additionally, being an industrial hub on the global market, businesses require accurate translation services on a daily basis.

Realizing the importance of the said services, we have established one of our branches at a prime location in Coral Gables so that our clients can get document translation services in Miami at the best rates.

Questions? We have the answers!