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Most people go and travel to Norway for two major reasons: business and vacation. Whichever you may categorically fall with the two reasons, surely you will somehow need to seek for translation services at some point, depending on your needs. This is where professional English to Norwegian translators should come in handy for you; and we just have about that and more at NordicTrans.

Even though we specialize in the Nordic and Scandinavian languages, we also do translations from and into any of the languages in the world. We employ only the services of professional native speakers in order for us to provide you with the most accurate and high quality translations. Our in-house professional English to Norwegian translators work with other native speakers as the proofreaders to ensure the precision and quality of the translated outputs.

Translate any Documents

We translate any document, website or software


Worried about the fact that you need to translate a document from or into Norwegian? With us, you don’t have to! Just send us your document whatever it may be, from highly technical or medical to business documents, we have the resources to deal with it. Our project managers will only assign a specialized translator in your field, native of your target language to translate your document. A second linguist is then assigned to proofread and edit the translation. Our QA team will finally check the translation before sending it to you. Our work flow leaves no room for errors so you can rest assured you will always get a high quality translation for your document or website or your software or app.

technical translation with cat tools

Got special requirements like CAT tools?


If you already know what CAT tools are then you know the benefits they bring in terms of speed, quality and price. If you have a large document or if you have to use translation services regularly it makes sense to want to use CAT tools as you will pay less for repetitive words and phrases while still keeping quality at the highest level.

Our Norwegian translators are highly skilled and trained and they are able to work with any CAT tool you want. Just get in touch, send us the document and tell us which CAT tool you’d like to be used and we’ll send you our quote. Thinking of searching for alternatives? Then bookmark this page, you’ll surely be back.

affordable, fast translation

Affordable, quality services done fast


NordicTrans only provides high quality translations. But we also provide fast services. Using dedicated project managers to each task as well as managing all translations from our management software allows us to provide fast turnaround times even for large projects. So we have to be really expensive you’d think. Quite the opposite: we sport the lowest rates for Nordic translation services while still providing high quality services.

Want to learn more about our prices? Get in touch by live-chat, e-mail us or give us a call, and we’ll explain you the benefits. Or just have a look at what our customers have to say about our services: 99.99% of our clients are happy with our work and we’d like to keep that percent high!

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professional Norwegian translation

Looking for a professional Norwegian translator?

Our commitment in rendering the best and high quality translation services is always adhered by our in-house teams of professional native English and Norwegian translators. On top of our list of priorities are quality assurance and proper project and time management. By these, we always see to it that your projects are delivered right on time as you specified. Plus you get all that at the most affordable rates and the best prices there are in the market nowadays.

Since our debut in 1999, NordicTrans have been trusted by many, and this had led us to become one of the leading translation service providers in the world today. We cater to customers all around the world, translating a vast number of language combinations, and expanding our services globally. We are now the largest operating translation services agency in the entire Northern Europe. That’s why all our in-house English to Norwegian translators are always up for the challenge of excellence in giving you the best of our services.

NordicTrans have been working with many projects for more than 15 years now. Our in-house English to Norwegian are among our other in-house teams of translators for any language all over the world; and they all have been with us ever since our translation agency was founded. From then until now, we always uphold our customer satisfaction guarantee with our affordable yet high quality translation services.

High quality Norwegian translations at affordable rates

All our services cost much lesser than any other in the market, and our turnaround times are always timely and efficient. Our prices are offered in flat rates and we do not impose any hidden charges or additional fees for all rushed projects and translation jobs which are done over the weekends. Our native English to Norwegian translators are always on-call to work on every project need you have; anytime, anywhere.

Availability of our range of services may be accessed thru our online portal designed to give you a convenient process for a comfortable experience. We’ve created our own project management system, which allows all our in-house native English to Norwegian translators, proofreaders, and project managers to work cooperatively for your benefit. We have our customer service center manned by representatives who are ready to answer all your inquiries, 24/7.

We accept any kind of project and any type of translation need you may have, regardless of the size of your document. We can even offer you discounts on large projects. Get in touch with us now and try our online quoting and word counter for your projects, absolutely free.

quality translations at affordable rates with fast turnaround
Norwegian linguists

Professional Norwegian linguists for any document

Our English to Norwegian translators are absolutely great to work with. They are fond of accents, dialects and the terms that your document may contain. They are well-aware of the value of your document and as such, the translation will be of great quality and will be done according to your requirements.

If you are a US citizen looking to enjoy your tour in Norway, NordicTrans can provide the best English to Norwegian translators for your translation needs. If you are a Norwegian business looking to tap on the international market, or a multinational looking to get more clients in Norway, we can give you accurate translations which are perfectly localized to your target market.

Our native translators are fully skilled to carry out all sorts of translations with quality and accuracy. Being in the industry for decades, their expertise is unquestionable. To provide a quick and immediate translation service to our clients, we have made our Norwegian linguists available online as well. You can also give us a call, discuss your projects and we’ll assign our best English to Norwegian translators for your task. Regardless of the nature of your documents or content for translation, we guarantee the fastest turnaround and exceptional quality translation every time, all the time.

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