Translation Project Flow

NordicTrans has access to the most up-to-date and appropriate terminology such as industry related lexicons. The translators are also provided with online and easily manageable terminology resources. Due to our effective translation project flow and in house developed translation management software, we manage to improve and guarantee quality, cut editing time and enhance the effectiveness of the message from the first stages of the project.

The advantages in working with us

Translation For Any Document

Translation for any document

Both companies and individuals can count on us for their translation needs. With offices in both US and UK, NordicTrans caters to all translation needs. You can always rely on us no matter if you have a birth certificate to be translated or a 20-page technical document, or a website to be translated in 5 languages, we can help you. We take just about any task no matter its size, and you can expect a highly accurate translation in a short amount of time.

Any Language Combination

Any language combination

As a Nordic language specialist, the Nordic languages are most dear to us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do other languages. With over 3,000 translators in our team, we can translate from and into any language. We are also able to take on less-used language combinations without using English as an intermediate language. Whether you are looking to expand your company’s reach to new markets or you are an individual immigrating to the US or UK, we are here for you.

Short Deadlines

Short deadlines

Our in-house built translation management software allows us to stay connected with all our translators, therefore we are able to quickly find translators that best match to a project and assign them to the task. The same software allows a much more smoother translation project flow by cutting useless waiting times between translation, proofreading and editing. Due to this reason, we are able to offer shorter deadlines than most companies out-there.

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Once NordicTrans receives a project from a client, we use

• Terminology management tools

• Translation memory technology

In order to complete the project successfully. These allow the maintenance of both a high level of quality and a high level of consistency.

Both technologies are web-enabled and incorporated into NordicTrans’ Global Vault; a developed tool which allows for total consolidation of project documents:

• Instant online access to project schedules

• Glossaries and translation

• Status reports

How We Work with Translation Project


This saves the client time and money. Once NordicTrans receives a project from a client, the translation project flow is divided into the following steps:


NordicTrans’ Desktop Publishing staff is fully skilled in major packages. Do not hesitate to contact NordicTrans about the various packages that are available.

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Technology and Humans in Translation

Blending technology with humans

Nothing can compare with human powers, human memory, and human skills. Without any doubt, human translations have no replacement either. This is why using software like Google Translate and other translation software do not provide you with the accuracy level of translation which can be obtained with the help of professional translators. When the clients need translations for official documents or even personal documents, their topmost priority is accuracy and we aspire to deliver it in every bit of our work. Such cases need to be handled by professionals, but to maintain speed and time efficiency, technologies should be adopted.

Technology advancements used in collaboration with human intelligence always result in the best outcomes. This is what we do at NordicTrans. We provide the perfect fusion of technology in our translation project flow and linguistic expertise. We want to be sure that our clients are well aware of how their tasks are handled.

We use software for two main reasons:

  • To handle the tasks with more efficiency and have faster turnaround times with better results
  • CAT tools can be used in order to increase the level of proficiency while cutting down costs, and we try to facilitate our clients with as many options as possible.

Effective translation management tools

Using translation management software allows us to increase the efficiency to a greater extent. It enables the translators to work faster and it eliminates the strenuous tasks of manual work and repetition.

The management software also provides an effective way for translators, editors, proofreaders and project managers to collaborate better in every project, and an enhanced translation project flow. On top of that, the invoicing and client management is also built into it, making it the perfect solution to manage our company a lot more efficiently. Automated procedures are one of the key points which lead the workflow of our agency.

If you choose NordicTrans for your services, we can assure you that we will not let your hopes down. Being one of the best service providers, we aspire to provide our clients with the fastest yet the highest quality translations at some of the most affordable rates outthere.

Effective Translation Management Tools
In-House Developed Translation Management Software

In-house developed translation management software

To ensure an effective translation experience for our clients, we have developed our own translation management system. What this program does is enable the project managers and translators to communicate comprehensively and rapidly. While there are numerous software present that are growing progressively in accordance with the needs and wishes of the clients and the translation industry, we chose to develop our own and as such, we are able to add whatever features we need, when we need them.

This software enhances our wide-spread services by automating the methods of approach that we use to put a new project to work. It helps us to estimate the price due on our clients and the volume of work that is due on us within the required time limit. It helps us to keep a record of the translations that we have proceeded with success and the clients we have dealt with, proving to be an efficient way to improve our service and maintain instant communication between our employees.

It provides us with all we need in order to contact translators, assign them to the job, managing documents, payments, everything we need to ensure for a smooth and fast process of translation. It is basically a systemized software that manages documents, makes communication feasible and sharing simple, translation easy and secure and proves to be a time-saving and relatively cheaper method of approach.

Our language translation process steps

In order to assure high quality output we follow our language translation process steps with every translation project flow, no matter if the document is small or large. Despite so many steps, we are however able to deliver fast translations due to our management software as discussed above.

  • Client asks for a free quote. We count the number of words in the document provided by the client and send the quote.
  • If the client agrees with the quote and makes the payment, the process starts. The first in our language translation process steps is finding the right translator and proofreader. That depends on a number of factors, the two most-important being: both linguists need to be natives of your target language, and both translators need to be well-experienced in the field of the document. Another factor worth-mentioning is the ability of said translators to use CAT tools if the client wants computer assisted translation tools to be used.
  • Once both translators have been assigned, the translation starts. The first translator translates the document.
  • The translation is reviewed by the proofreader, who makes sure the output is accurate and there are no mistakes or omissions by comparing with the source document.
  • Our quality assurance team checks the result for any inconsistencies and delivers the translation to the client.

The client has the right to come back to us if he is not happy with the translation or has questions. When that happens we quickly re-open the project and the translators work on it until all issues have been solved.

Language Translation Process Steps

By using advanced project management tools, we are able to speed up the process, therefore providing short deadlines. Our translation project flow has been optimized to ensure deadlines are being kept while the end product is of high quality.

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