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The Nordic languages, including the Scandinavian languages, are what we specialize in for all our translation services here at NordicTrans. We have teams of professional translators for almost any language in the world, including native English to Icelandic translators. Yes, we only work with native speakers as our translators and proofreaders, who are supervised by our project managers; in order to produce high quality and accurate translation services.

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Lowest prices

NordicTrans have been serving and providing the world with translation services of excellent quality at the best prices. It’s been over 15 years now, since 1999 when NordicTrans started, and we’ve managed to master what we do as expert translators for all languages around the world. For the Icelandic language, our in-house teams of English to Icelandic translators work with our project managers and proofreaders for high quality accurate translations.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is our topmost priority, which has brought us to become the leading translation agency when it comes to Nordic languages. We always adhere to standards set by the International Standard Organisation (ISO); and we will always adhere to our own commitment of producing the best translation services in the market today. We are currently the largest operating translation service provider in Northern Europe, and we have the best English to Icelandic translators.

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Any Document, Any Language

Here at NordicTrans, we accept all kinds or types of translation projects and we translate from and into any language, just name it and we’ll translate it for you. No matter what’s the size of your translation project, we are ready to get the job done. For Icelandic translation needs, we have in-house teams of professional English to Icelandic translators who will accept your projects and translate them for you from any language into Icelandic, and vice versa.

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Available 24/7, including during the weekend

Avail of our services even for short deadlines and on weekends; and we will render the same high quality and accurate translation services without having you to worry for any additional charges or hidden fees. All our native translators, including our English to Icelandic translators, are always available and ready to work on your project anytime. We offer our services every day of the week for the whole 24 hours each day. We even have a 24/7 customer care responsive team always available thru live chat to answer all your inquiries and clarifications.

Over the years, NordicTrans have managed to continue serving its clients with unsurpassed expertise in translation services. Now we’ve even created our own web based project management system in order to further provide a more convenient experience for our customers. This innovation is designed to let our clients have access to the progress and status of their ongoing projects and even view the history of their past projects. It also features a 24/7 online communication system, invoicing, live quoting, and free word counting for all projects.

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Lowest rates in the industry

All our services are offered and catered for the best prices among others in the market today. Our translation rates are lower than those advertising high-end translation services in the industry, and we guarantee that our outputs are absolutely high-end or even better. We work with fast turnaround times and sometimes even faster. You can rest assured that all our native translators and proofreaders supervised by our project managers, like the English to Icelandic translators, will always be there to work on your translations with utmost care and expertise.

We always assign the best translator to your project, native of your target language and experienced in the field or industry your documents falls into. A second linguist is assigned to edit and proofread the translation. Our quality assurance team will then check the translation and send it to you along with a quality report.

Fast, affordable, high quality Icelandic translations

NordicTrans has professional Icelandic translators ready to render spot-on translation services for any industry, and we can translate any type of document no mater what format it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a company looking to expand globally or an individual looking for personal translation, we can help you at the lowest rates in the industry.

Accurate translations from and into Icelandic

Icelandic is the official language of the country of Iceland. It is a north-Germanic language and is part of the north Scandinavian group along with Norwegian and Faroese. About 333,000 people speak and understand the words revolving in the language and use it with proper grammar and vocabulary as their first language.

Icelandic translations, offered at our company, is ISO certified. We are a member of the international standard organization and deal with only native Icelandic translators who can provide the quality you expect to acquire from us. We believe in providing high-quality work from our translators that will not be compromised on the basis of rates or time.

ISO provides a certain set of rules and regulations regarding the translations carried out in the industry. The translations can be as accurate as humanly possible by following the standards, and we are proud to say that our translators are major participants of the ISO who aim to look for the quality work to be presented at your service under the time limit mentioned. Furthermore, we do not have any hidden charges that may be found in other companies as a way to acquire additional incomes, but for us, you come first. So, if you have any query or question regarding our English to Icelandic translators, come to us, and we will reach back to you in seconds.

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