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NordicTrans is inviting you to try our professional Dutch translation services. We are proud members of the American Translators Association (ATA). Our team is composed of more than 3,000 professional translators, from which more than 150 are native Dutch translators.

NordicTrans is now one of the world’s leaders in the translation services industry and specializes in the Nordic languages translations, including Dutch. For anything you need about translations at the lowest rates, we always have you covered. Our services are available online, 24 hours every day including weekends, and with the highest quality at absolutely affordable prices.

Our company is a duly registered and accredited member of the International Standard Organisation (ISO). We provide high quality translations from and into English and any other languages our client will request for. Our translations are guaranteed with the highest standards of accuracy and quality, regardless of the type or size of the project.

Translation for the Netherlands

Need translations from and into Dutch?

Professional Dutch Translation at Low Rates

Professional translation at low rates

We treat every project with care and attention no matter the project size. Every translation that we do includes translation, editing and proofreading done by separate translators, natives of your target language and knowledgeable in your field. Our quality assurance team checks the translation for any inconsistencies before being delivered. We may compromise on our prices, but never on quality!

Localization Included

Localization included when needed

Some business documents need to be adapted to a target market in order for your message to have the highest impact on your customers. We are aware of that, and when needed, your translation will be localized to the market the document was intended for. Our localization specialists are ready to take on any task: documents or websites, all you need to do is ask, and we’ll do it for you!

certified Dutch to English for immigration

Certified translation for immigration

Dutch individuals looking to immigrate to the United Kingdom can count on us just as the ones immigrating to the United States. Our offices in each country are well aware of the requirements and can provide certified translation from Dutch into English for any personal documents you may need translation for. Certified translation comes with guaranteed acceptance at the office the translation was made for!

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Dutch Translation Services from Nordictrans

Accurate Dutch translation services

We provide accurate Dutch translation services, professional Dutch document translation, technical translations and much, much more. Our agency is at your disposal every day, 24 hours per day. We also offer you the possibility to contact us through our online support center from our website. We are always keeping touch with the customer, and we guarantee maximum satisfaction. Our translation prices are affordable and easy to follow. We provide quality work for you for any business but also translations for personal use. Any time you may need a translation, think of NordicTrans. We can meet your request.

Our translation team can manage to translate from any field of business and also for personal and historical use. Within our services you can find common language combinations, like Dutch to English, but we also offer translation from Dutch into more than 100 different languages, from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our agency is also the top translation company specialized in Nordic-European languages.

Translation services for any needs

We have in-house teams of professional translators, project managers, and proofreaders who are willing to work on your project no matter where you are and what time or day it is. Our web based project management system will give you easy access to your ongoing project/s online, along with the assistance of our customer service centre, ready to answer your every question.

No matter how big or small and how urgently needed the project is, our low prices are the same because we don’t impose rush job rates or additional charges for projects done on the weekends. Our primary concerns are implementing quality assurance and providing our clients with the best translation service with fast turnaround times at super affordable rates. You can rely on the high standard accuracy and highest quality of our services.

We Translate any Language to Dutch
Certified Dutch to English Translation

Certified translation from Dutch to English for immigration

We are experts at translating all Nordic languages. If you’re looking for quality Dutch translation services, here we are.  We have the best and the highest quality translation services for you in Dutch and many more languages. Our native Dutch translators can help you with translations for any document, including legal, medical, business, technical and or personal documents.

Dutch to English Translation is also available at NordicTrans. Our charges are affordable and our native translators are quick and precise. Since we believe in a customer first approach, customer satisfaction is what comes first. Our clients entrust us and our translators because we have had a long time experience in the field and we can deal with the most complex documents and problems that might occur.

In case you plan on moving to the US or to the UK where you’ll be needing help with your Dutch documents, you should certainly contact us. We are here to provide you certified Dutch to English translation for all your personal documents. We have native translators, who are not only bilingual but are specialized in in the legal field. They are well aware about the requirements and they keep that in mind when translating your birth or marriage certificate.

All our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS or the UK Immigration Service. With us, you can rest assured your translation is in good hands.

Localization services for any market

We can provide you all sorts of translation services from Dutch to any language and from any language to Dutch.  We can do document translation for you, we can also take up localization projects for the Dutch market. We are aware of the importance of getting your marketing materials perfectly adapted to your target market and our localization experts are here to make sure of that. Documents aside, we also provide localization services for websites and software, where our engineers are working closely with our translators to adapt your website or your software to your desired market.

Our translators are all set to work on challenging projects, particularly the ones that involve the use of technology. Your tasks are only assigned to the translators who are competent and knowledgeable to accomplish such tasks. A translator who is effective on working at medical documents will work for that only, and the legal documents will be dealt by another translator, specialized in the legal field. This way we make sure that your translation will be ready before the deadline, but it will also be accurate.

Localization for the Dutch Market
Dutch Translation by Nordictrans

Dutch translation services available 24/7

NordicTrans is an agency with vast expertise in and from Dutch to English Translations, but also in more than 100 other languages. Our translation agency is at your disposal at any time. We have prepared for you 24/7 translators that can meet your every request. You can also contact us through our online support center, where you will find at any time a person capable of helping you with your translation.

We continue to innovate and improve our system, in order for you to benefit from professional, accurate and quality translations from and into your native tongue. Our vast translation agency network is periodically tested in order to keep up with the highest standards.

The continuous improvement of our quality standards is something which keeps the agency going forward. If any client comes back to us with any issue related to the translation services, we always re-open the project right there. We take care of the client’s concerns and listen to what they have to say, and then have our translators work on the translation until the client is happy with the outcome.

You can benefit now from the various domains in which our Dutch translators can translate for you. We can proudly say we offer you 24/7 translations.

Break language barriers with our professional Dutch translators

Communication carried out in various languages can all be unified with the help of translation. You will never have to break those language barriers by yourself because we are here to do it for you. To relate the cultures and to bring people together we believe in the inter-relationship of nations which is why we are here to aid you in these services.

Dutch is spoken and understood by over 23 million people in the world. They use it for communication and that too, as their first language. It is officially the language of The Netherlands but is spoken across Europe in a variety of small areas. It is the second language of a whopping 6 million people and is a contributor to three of the main languages in Belgium. Among the Germanic languages, it is the third most widely used language for communication.

We offer Dutch translation services in a variety of documents such as personal or legal documents, medical or media translations or in the IT department. Not only this, but we cater to a number of fields like the web and software localization, language translation, transcribing for videos and certified Dutch to English translations at your service. Whatever it is that you need translated or adapted, we can do it fast, in high quality and at an affordable price.

Professional Dutch Translators

Professional Translation Agency

We are prepared to help you with any translation request day and night, all you have to do is to contact us via email, telephone, contact form or through our live-chat service. Our project managers will give you all the information you need starting from a free quote for our Dutch translation services and will be there to keep you up to date with the status of your project.

NordicTrans had always and will continually adhere to the highest standards and commitment of providing the highest quality of translation services that we’ve been serving our customers with for the past 19 plus years. Contact us right now, try the services we offer, and you’ll find out the difference.

We have specialists ready to take on any task, be it a small document to be translated or a full website. Let us take care of your projects and we’ll give you highly accurate translations fast and at an affordable price.

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