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The City of London is always referred to as the place with a huge international flair. This is definitely the case when one takes a quick glance at the history of NordicTrans.

In Scandinavia, one of the most important events is the celebration of midsummer, in June. In 1999, during the celebration, a group of Scandinavians observed that, with all the tourists participating at the festival, translation is highly needed and came up with the idea of forming an international translation company. NordicTrans was born following that idea.

Some 19 years later, we are a well known Nordic translation company focusing on the Scandinavian languages, but perfectly capable of providing accurate translations from and into any language at affordable rates.

A professional Nordic translation agency

Whenever someone sets out to set up a business, resources and demands are looked into carefully. One needs to be very sure about the transparency of the business and the services they will be providing to their clients. Everything starts well and the responsibility to make it sustainable becomes, even more, significant. The more clients you have, the more honest and transparent your business should be. This is what keeps the success going with an inevitable pace. And this is what made us who we are today: a leading Nordic translation agency.

At NordicTrans, we don’t just provide accurate translation services, we also want our customers to enjoy the best customer experience and we strive to offer them the best prices on the market. Our business is entirely dependent upon the valuable feedback of our clients and we make sure that it stays positive. We never compromise on quality, precision and customer satisfaction.

We provide our professional services to you in all those languages that you might be looking for. We are available for you around the clock. You just need to drop a message in our live chat and we are there. You can call us at any hour and we are there. Get in touch by email or any other way you are convenient with, our team is at your service.

Professional Nordic Translation Agency

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Our Team

Our team

Our translators are experienced and adroit with the work they handle. They are the bricks of our agency and they are the real people who make us who we are. Our translators are managed and supervised by our project managers who are proficient in managing all the needed resources for every translation job. Proofreaders and editors are highly skilled at their tasks and make sure that no error occurs in translation. This is how our teams run together and this how they have brought us a long way.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about the work we do, we started off on a small scale and the experience and hard work have brought us a long way. The reputation we have earned form our clients is not easy to be given up. This is why we maintain our standards and keep reaching out for higher benchmarks and this is what keeps us going. Our team has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and we keep increasing the levels so we can catch the most complex states of a language.

Our custom made project management software provides you with the facilities you might be looking for in the best management software. We keep a strong communication bridge between our clients and our team at work. More specifically, our translators work more easily when they are able to be directly in contact with the client. This way they are able to judge the needs and requirements of the certain task that is going on and bring out the best results relating to them. This is why we believe in our translators and our potential clients. Your feedback means a lot to us during the project and even after the project that is why we make sure to be very strong at communication.

Our offices

UK Translation Office

UK translation office

We know that the world is expanding every minute and enterprises are undeniably shifting to an online presence, but we believe that, in a country with such wide ethnicities and cultures, sometimes people wish to come and speak to us in person. So we are there for you in the UK. You can visit us whenever you want at our translation office in Birmingham. Our staff will welcome you with the warmth you look for and our managers will provide you solutions in such a simple manner that you’d most certainly feel at home.

US Translation Office

US translation office

In this digital world, things are moving at light speed. But at times, we do miss talking to people face to face, sharing our ideas on a coffee table, so yes, physical presence does matter. And this is the very reason why we want you to visit our US translation office. Business needs have evolved and some of our clients would like to discuss with us the things that they really care about directly, not just by emails, live-chat or on the phone. We use the old-fashioned solution that never fails: a translation office in Coral Gables, FL.

NordicTrans is a market leading Nordic translation agency in UK and USA specialising in all Nordic languages

ISO Qualified Translation Company

Like most companies, we started off small with a group of five people. Several years later, we are now a proud member of the International Standard Organisation (ISO) working only with native and in-house Scandinavian translators.

NordicTrans is Top-notch Translation Company

Top-notch Nordic Translation Company

The use of professional communication is often cited as a major reason for the success of numerous international companies in the global business world. Communication belongs in the category of factors that often helps lead to a successful business relationship. Lack of communication among international companies can often lead to major setbacks and in this case, language barriers and cultural issues are the best examples. The final result of this is often the termination of an agreement or even an entire business relationship. If two companies are able to communicate with each another in a professional and positive manner, then it is often a guarantee for a positive and long-lasting business relationship. This is when a Nordic translation company such as NordicTrans is highly needed.

We deliver the best translation services along with affordable prices. We make sure that your money and time don’t go to waste and this why we prefer discussing the overall procedure that is implicated over every translation at our end. We always suggest our clients to make sure all their doubts are clear by asking any question they may have and that they have no ambiguity which has been left unsorted before the actual translation begins. This is the key to customer satisfaction. We believe in communication. This is how you can judge what is best for you. Our clients are free to receive our price quote and compare it with other service providers, so they can judge what is best for them.

Nordic Translations

Global companies often have to deal with the translation of documents and contracts. Just a single translation mistake can have severe consequences for a company. It is therefore important that all translation is of extremely high quality and completed in a professional manner.

By using only professional, native translators, NordicTrans is able to provide high quality translation services for documents and websites at an affordable cost. Don’t risk your reputation by using bad translations; instead, use the services of a well known Nordic translation agency to make sure your message is accurately conveyed to your audience.

Nordictrans - a Nordic Translation Agency

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