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English – the most frequently taught foreign language in the EU

In today’s European Union countries, bearing in mind the large language diversity in schools, there is a need to analyse different aspects of the second language being taught to these pupils. The teaching of a foreign language is mostly influenced by demand, by the level of teacher qualification, by whether the teaching resources are sufficient, by the strength of motivation that is implemented and by exposure to foreign languages.

localization services

Localization Is The First and Most Important Step to International Success

What is the easiest way for a company to become a well known player in their market? They have to create buzz around their products. They also need to keep a good reputation online and that is done through selling quality products and keeping their customers happy. Still, in order to grow their business and expand their reach, they will use translation and localization services in order to attract as many foreign customers as possible.

crowdsourcing translation

Crowdsourcing and its role in translation

Crowdsourcing is a new concept which is becoming very popular. This concept is defined by Wikipedia as a neurologist compound of Crowd and Outsourcing for the act of taking tasks traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing them to a group of people or community, through an ‘open call’ to a large group of people (a crowd) asking for contributions.

accurate Finnish translations

Accurate Finnish Translations only to be done by professionals

If you don’t already speak Finnish and don’t have a lot of time to learn it, and need accurate Finnish translations, you will probably just want to go ahead and have a professional service translate them. “Why?” you ask. Because professional translators will handle your work in a way that will make you more efficient and worry-free.