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Neural Machine Translation

Massively Multilingual Neural Machine Translation

If someone claims to have zero fears, they are, in simple terms, afraid of accepting their weaknesses. Because in truth, there is no human without fears. All of us have rational and irrational fear that dictate our decisions and behaviors at different times in our lives. A fear becomes irrational when it is not based on an experience and starts hindering with your routine life. Such types are treated by therapists so people can live without feeling trapped and suffocated every time they are near the trigger.

machine translation

What are The Top 10 Best Machine Translation Software for Danish into English and English into Danish

If you talk to any conspiracy theorist, you will know they are prepared to fight Artificial Intelligence. They will tell you how it is inevitable that AI will take over the world one day. There are also plenty of films and TV shows made about AI. They all tell us the same thing: we should be scared of the machines. But if you really think about it, humans create machines, we give them the power they have today.


Human Language Translators as the Future of Translation

The language translation industry has become a booming profession for linguists and freelancers. It has opened a wide spectrum of possible employments and career opportunities that has catapulted translation as a well-paid profession. Yet there are challenges that seem to undermine this growing industry’s rise to the job hierarchy. One of these major issues is the imminent proliferation of automated translation programs and technology that, some people say, may replace the job of human language translators.

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Translation for Relaxation – low quality translation and its downfalls

How some have fun due to low quality translation. My wife and I had to laugh recently as we were taking a break in a foreign country. We were really tired from working a lot and we decided to go to the very best hotel we could afford. It was fun and funny, but their low quality translation signs could have used some re-making.