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certified translators Nottingham

How To Get A Certified Translation Nottingham

A simple certified language solution can do wonders for you. You can apply for immigration to the United States if you have the right translation of your documents. You can also apply for admission to a foreign university once you get your degrees and official transcripts translated. But it isn’t easy to find the right linguistic expert regardless of where you are in the world.

translation rates per word

How to get lower translation rates per word without lowering quality

It’s in the human nature to search for ways to pay less for a product or service when shopping. People tend to go with the lowest price even though the quality of said product or service isn’t always the best. Same with translation, everyone is looking for lower translation rates per word, and some even go with the lowest price not considering the quality they may get.

Nordic translation budget

How to Save on your Nordic Translation Budget?

It is common practice in translation work, for the project to be charged according to the number of words. But the price also may vary depending on the language demanded. For example, translation from English to Chinese or Japanese can cost much more than average. The reasons for the variability is the complexity of languages that affect the price. Sometimes, the factor that determines the price may be high demand for linguists in a specific language or specific area. The low population of a particular language group means less translators that can provide quality output, that is the reason why their work will be charged higher.

rush translations

How to Get Rush Translations at no Extra Charge?

Luckily, you can get rush translations without paying extra charges for the tight deadline of translation. Businesses often use such services because business correspondence and document translation often has to be done as soon as possible. In many cases, foreign clients and business partners insist on getting instant replies to their queries. Thus, using translation services immediately is a necessity many international companies have.

how to reduce translation budget

11 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Translation Budget

Clients are worried about their translation budget and try to adjust their needs in order to cut down expenses as much as possible. While some might be inclined to use cheap services thinking they could get more work for less money (which is not a good idea), there are quite a few ways one could spend less for a quality translation. Here are 11 tips to help you reduce your translation budget without making compromises on quality.