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Calculate your price of translation with our free translation cost calculator

Do you have a document that needs to be translated and you wanted to know the price of translation? Use our free translation cost calculator to figure out how much you need to pay, free and easily. Simply fill out the details, upload your document and you’ll get our free quote. If you need professional translation services, NordicTrans is the best destination.

accurate translations

Accurate translations

While we keep our prices low, we never compromise on quality. We use 2 translators with each project to translate and proofread. Our professional translators are only allowed to translate into their native language, and they are assigned to projects based on their field of expertise.

low cost services

Low cost services

We’ve learned that it’s best to get more customers that pay less rather than charging premium rates. We do offer premium quality, but at some of the lowest rates you can find. If you need cheap yet quality translation services, you’ll find NordicTrans to be your best partner in translations.

full support

Full support

We are available around the clock even during the weekend, not just during business hours. We are always here to answer your questions, to give you a quote, to get your project assigned to the best translators or to update you about the current status of your project.

price of translation

How to easily calculate your price for translation

If you’re looking for professional language translation services, before contacting a translation agency or an independent translator you might need to run a short online review and find out how to calculate the price of translation.

Requesting prices from independent translators or translation agencies, in the majority of circumstances, you will get their rates per word. But do you know how to calculate the amount of words in your document to find the price of translation per word?

Let us help you calculate the total number of words in any documents: use our reliable translation cost calculator that will help you count the number of words and give you the price of translation.

Just drag and drop your file and click the upload button. In a few seconds, our counter will display the results, which will tell you about the total words present in your file and the total price of translation. You can access our translation cost calculator from any device such as on your mobile, laptop and tablet. It is the quickest and the most efficient way of calculating your translation cost for free, at any time.

Find out the price of your translation

You will often come across many companies who may offer you high-quality translations with guaranteed accuracy and maybe even timely delivery but the rates that they will charge you will leave you restless with worry. There are many charges that other translation agencies charge on their respective clients as a way to get more money which does not fall into the knowledge of the clients.

But, we, at NordicTrans, recognize the value of our customers and provide them with the best of our services. We offer the cheapest rates in the industry without any compromise in quality. Though we have a recognized name in the translation industry, we do not take advantage of our clients’ impending issues. We offer the best rates with guaranteed precision and accuracy. No matter the complexity or size of the document, the combination of different languages or an urgent delivery, we have the best deals for every possible scenario, in the industry. We do not even charge any additional or hidden rates or rush rates at the need for an urgent delivery because we value the customer-company relationship that moves us forward.

This tool will give you the exact price of your translation. If you have any questions you can always chat with us live, 24/7, and we will be there to help you with anything you may need.

price of translation
price for translation

Your free quote is sent by email in seconds

If you need a quote you can simply get one by using our tool, in 3 easy steps:
– Upload your documents;
– Select the source and target language;
– Our price for translation will appear on the screen.

You then have two options:
– If you agree with our price and want to get started with your translation click the corresponding button, add your details and you’ll be sent to our payment page;
– If you’re not ready to order, click the “I am not ready to order”, add your email address and we will send you the quote by email, which will contain our price for translation and our deadline. There is no obligation attached to the quote and we will not send you emails to make you buy.

Have any issues using our tool or want to chat with us?

If you run into issues using our translation cost calculator or have questions in regards to your project and want to chat with us directly, you can do so at any time. Simply use the live chat feature or click here and one of our project managers will be there for you in a matter of seconds.

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NordicTrans is a leading translation agency specialized in translating from and into the Nordic languages, but there's more: we actually translate from and into any language. We were dealing only with companies in the past but due to public demand, we also provide translation services for individuals looking to immigrate to the US or to the UK. Companies looking to expand their reach can always count on us no matter if they need a document translated, their software, or their website. With us, you get not only translation, but also localization, where instead of just translating your text we also adapt your message to your target market. Individuals dealing with the Immigration Office in the UK or with USCIS in the US are sure to get translations for any personal documents, from any language into English, in 24 hours or less. We charge low rates for certified translation and we guarantee acceptance of our translations. Get our price for translation using the tool on this page, or get in touch by email, phone or live-chat whenever you want.