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Translate Nordic languages

Translate Nordic languages into German – 2 possible benefits for businesses

The Nordic languages, also known as the North Germanic languages form one of the three branches of the Germanic languages. German, together with English, Low German, Dutch and Afrikaans belong to another branch – the West Germanic one. At the same time, Icelandic, Danish, Faroese, Norwegian and Swedish belong to the North Germanic branch.


Why Using a Danish Translation Service Is Key to Success

A Danish translation service can be one of the most sought after service for you if you have to translate a document from English into Danish or vice versa, but is it really worth it? Well of course it is! Having translation that is done correctly is going to be what you’re searching for even if it isn’t for business! Having accurate translation is one of the most important things anyone should search for and it is so simple to find.


When Finnish Translation Online Becomes Important To a Business

Getting Finnish translation online is the norm nowadays. With the expansion of the internet, more and more products and services are easier to be ordered online and are more cost-effective when ordered from the web. Time is money, and we no longer have the time to search for a brick and mortar translation shop and actually go there since it’s 10 times easier to get such a service online, and cheaper too.