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When it comes to translation services for the Nordic languages, NordicTrans has always delivered the most accurate translations, perfectly adapted to the target market. We have vast experience in delivering translation services of widely spoken languages, such as Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic. Our translators and project managers are fully aware of the significance of these languages in the Nordic region, and they are always ready to assist the clients regarding the prices, time-frame and several other implications of these languages. Feel free to use our free translation quote tool at your convenience, we can send you a quote literally in minutes.

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Speaking of the translation quotes, almost every translation service provider extends the same courtesy to their clients: a free translation quote. But NordicTrans goes an extra mile while calculating the quote, we are in direct coordination with translators and proofreaders across the globe and we ensure that what we provide is not only a price for the services but also add value to it. Our expertise in this regard is highly distinctive in the industry; we have set up ourselves high with our exceptional services at the most affordable prices.

Asking for a quote from NordicTrans is easy; there are several means through which clients can acquire a quote for their projects. They can email us, live chat with us or even call us to get an instant quote, our expert staff takes all the information provided by the client into account, assess the requirements, and send a quote to the client within minutes.

We have been proudly serving our clients accurate business translation services for different kinds of documents, certificates, official papers, legal, medical and even confidential business agreements. Not only that, we have provided technical and medical translations, website translation and app localization as well. And this has brought us their trust for which we are deeply grateful to them and we strive to sustain this bond.

We are also working with individuals who are looking to immigrate to the US or the UK and need certified translation for personal documents, and any past client of ours found us to be a reliable partner, delivering quality services in time and at an affordable price.

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Why should you get a free translation quote from us?

We understand that in the Nordic region, the need to translate documents in Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish or Icelandic languages could arise at any moment, and this is why all these languages are at the top of our list. So, if you have come from England and want your documents to be translated urgently into the Dutch language, you don’t need to worry about it, just send in the details to us and we will send you a free, no-obligation quote right away.

Some other companies will email you back several times if you don’t accept their quote, and will do everything in their power to convince you to accept their quote, including calling you. We don’t do that! Even more, along with the quote, you will also have the option to reject the quote if it doesn’t fit your needs, and when doing so, the quote will be deleted from our system and you will never be contacted again. Your privacy is important for us and we don’t use such schemes in order to convince you to become our client.

We are fast, accurate and our translation quality can never be challenged. NordicTrans is undeniably the best choice for translation services in the Nordic region. Simply get in touch with us and an experienced project manager will be with you in moments to answer any of your questions or to give you a free translation quote.

How to get a free translation quote?

We, at NordicTrans, have always did our best to maintain a professional yet cordial relationship with our clients. This is why we aim for the provision of the best translation experience for them such that their problems, while they are planning for settlement, can be reduced and they can have their translations done in time.

This is why we offer the service of getting free translation quotes. Our clients can reach out to us no matter the place they reside at or the country they represent, they can easily reach out to us online. We have a freely accessible website where there is a simple method to request for a translation. Instead of facing issues with various offices and tiring yourself from all that, you can easily get your document translated from your home with a simple and fast delivery service to your doorstep.

Once you’ve requested for a free translation quote and filled in the additional information, you will be sent a quote at your email address within minutes and that too, without any hidden cost or expensive charges. So, if you have any document that needs translation, no matter the language combination, reach out to us and get a free quote.

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    NordicTrans is the largest Nordic translation company in the world. With offices in USA and UK, we are able to accommodate any need. We are specialised in the Nordic languages and have a large team of native translators for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and German, but we cover just about any other language as well. Our translators are highly trained in their specific field of expertise, therefore we are able to translate any kind of document no matter what the subject is: personal, medical, legal, technical, business.

    We also provide website translation services and software localization services. We are working in three shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our project managers are there for you at any time, day or night and you can have your translation quote in 5 minutes.

    Due to using our own management software, we have a live link with all our translators. Assigning a specialized translator to your project only takes minutes, and due to this, we are able to provide next day translations.

    Quality is our main concern. As soon as the translator finished his job, the translation goes to a proofreader who is able to correct any mistake. Our quality assurance team then makes sure your translation is of great quality and only after that it is delivered to you. With NordicTrans, you can rest assured that you get high quality translations all the time.

    Our customers are our most precious treasure. We strive to provide the best customer service in the world. Since costs are one of our client's concerns, we have the lowest translation rates per work in the industry. With us, you get quality translation services, great customer care, fast turnaround and the most affordable rates! Ask for your free, 5 minute quote now!

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