NordicTrans is a recognised international translation company focusing specifically on the Scandinavian languages.


It was in 1999 when everything started. In Scandinavia, the celebration of midsummer in June is considered as the most important event of the year. It was during this celebration that a group of Scandinavians created a partnership and agreed on the formation of an international translation company. Today, NordicTrans is a market leading translation agency specialized in all Nordic languages:

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Professional translators for any language

Danish translators

NordicTrans is the right place to get what you need for all types of Danish translation requirements. A quality translation is important for both business development and for immigration, and for this very reason most business people only hire our agency and our professional teams to translate documents and to get reliable translation services. Whether you need translation for business or certified translation for immigration, you can always count on our experienced Danish translators for all you translation needs from and into Danish.

Finnish translators

Our clients benefit from our team of native Finnish translators that understand the Finnish language along with the translation requirements. We can translate documents from a range of sectors including legal, medical, business, advertising, human resources, and technical industries. If you need to translate Finnish documents, we will allocate the client an expert translator, well-versed with law and government documents of different kinds. Our various skills and real-world experience truly set us apart from other companies.

Norwegian translators

Why would you go for low cost – low quality solutions when professional Norwegian translators can offer you exceptional services that include translating all types of legal documents and many more, for about the same price? We can give you accurate translations from and into Norwegian at some of the best prices in the industry. Our various skills and real-world experience truly set us apart from other language services companies. Get in touch and enjoy extra benefits like 24/7 availability and fast delivery for any project, at no extra fees!

Swedish translators

We draw from a network of professional Swedish translators who offer the high quality translations from and into Swedish on time and on budget that fits your pocket well. All translators are experts in their respective field such as legal, financial, medical, and more and dedicate themselves in translating any type of documents from and into Swedish. Also, we are the largest Nordic translation provider to be fully ISO certified, ensuring that all of your translation projects will always meet the standards for quality and accuracy.

Icelandic translators

When a language is an obstacle for a business, then working with a professional translation company is the best option. For instance, when it is necessary to translate an English language website, or any documents from and into Icelandic, then hiring NordicTrans, a high-quality language translation company would be a great decision to make. If you need accurate translations at affordable rates with fast turnaround times, we are specialized in all Scandinavian languages and our Icelandic translators are the best you could find.

German translators

German translators

One of the many reasons why German translators at NordicTrans are screened in detail is due to the nature, type, business and background of our clients and their Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish translation needs. We don’t hire just about anyone who claims to be smooth in translating, we employ only proficient German experts with a degree in linguistics, with experience in translation and specialized in a specific field. All translations are then proofread by other linguists, so there is no room for errors.

Dutch translators

Dutch translators

Unlike some other providers, we never use machine translation. Any project from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or any other language into Dutch is always conducted by qualified Dutch translators with years of experience in translating at the highest level. Each project is completed by a team of native translators and proofreaders, specifically qualified to translate for your industry or subject matter. Our specialized translators combine academic, linguistic and practical qualifications with a deep understanding of the Scandinavian culture, to bring you accurate translations, perfectly adapted to your target market, that help your business achieve its aims.

French translators

French translators

As a preferred translation supplier to many top international companies, NordicTrans has built up a highly resourceful group of French translators who are able to translate your documents from any language in a variety of subjects. We specialize in all sorts of translation into Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish in a wide variety of disciplines from medical, legal, IT, academic and other industries, having concluded numerous projects for clients in the UK and USA. We only use professional French translators working in their native language. Our translators come from definite backgrounds to make sure they are the best possible match for translation work.

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NordicTrans: High Quality Nordic Translation Services

NordicTrans - the largest Nordic translation company

Professional Translation Services


Swedish translation services - Nordic translation services

The choice is clear when it comes to Swedish translation services — NordicTrans! With a staff of highly trained and well-equipped native language speakers, NordicTrans is ready to take on small jobs for entrepreneurs or scale up to handle large jobs for multi-national companies even in the most complex fields like medical and technical.


Finnish translation

NordicTrans has become a leader in translating Finnish documents, projects and files throughout all language groups. Finnish companies that require translation have come to rely on us to be the best. Companies from around the world who want to do business in Finland have found us to be ready to meet all their Finnish translation needs.


Norwegian Translations

NordicTrans is the leading provider of Norwegian translations. With our professional staff of dedicated native speakers, highly specialized in your field, and effective project managers, we can finish your project on time, every time. Speed and price are of the essence, but quality is never compromised and our linguists strive to deliver with speed and proficiency.



NordicTrans is a recognized Nordic translation company and provider of Danish translation services. With over 19 years of experience in the Danish translations market, no other agency can provide you the best quality in Danish translations at our price, not to mention the speedy delivery and the fact that we work around the clock to meet every need.

de ISO gekwalificeerde vertalingen. We zijn een ISO gekwalificeerd vertaalbureau.

ISO Qualified Translation Services

We are an ISO qualified company and work within the strict quality rules of the ISO qualification. We always use professional translators, natives of your target language and specialized in your field. 2 linguists are assigned to each project no matter its size, where one translates and the second edits and proofreads the translation, leaving no room for errors.

Apart from getting top-notch translation services, choosing NordicTrans will benefit you in the following ways

low translation prices

Affordable Services

The price is a major factor when people are choosing translation service providers. We care about our clients and we do not want them to choose a low-quality service just because of the low cost they offer, and that is why we provide the top-quality translation services at the lowest prices possible.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Unlike any other translation company, we provide quick services to our clients. We do not take months or weeks to translate, we do our best to have your project completed before deadline so that we have time to thoroughly proofread it and provide our customers error-free translations as promised.

24/7 availability

24/7 Availability

Translation services are needed anytime. There are many cases when people need urgent translations and we do just that around the clock. No matter what time or what day it is, we have you covered. We provide the best translation services 24/7, all you have to do is to get in touch.

Our offices

Our Office in the UK

Translation office in Birmingham, UK

Our UK translation office is conveniently located in Birmingham and this is where you can visit us and talk to us directly at any time. Having a translation office in the UK is convenient for both us and our clients, and it allows us to provide not only translation services for companies, but also certified translation for immigration in the UK. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

Our office in Miami

Translation office in Coral Gables, US

We also have a translation office in the US, and you can find us in Coral Gables, near Miami, Florida, from where we have been providing translations for our US customers, companies and individuals alike. Whether you need your website translated or certified translation for USCIS, we can always help you with accurate translations at affordable rates.

If you can’t visit our offices you can also order your translation online. We are working around the clock for your convenience, and we will always have an experienced project manager at the other end of the line, ready to answer all your questions and to give you a free quote. Get in touch by live-chat, e-mail, or call our offices 24/7.

Translation for immigration

UK Certified Translation

UK certified translation

Thousands of people are immigrating to the UK every year and they have to face the requirements of the UK Immigration Office. If you are looking to join the crowd and your personal documents are not in English, you will need UK certified translation done according to the Immigration requirements.

NordicTrans is here to help you with that. We provide affordable translation for immigration to the UK for all your documents from our office in Birmingham. Our UK team is well aware of the requirements and will provide you with an accurate translation in 24 hours or less, guaranteed to be accepted by any institution or legal office in the UK.

Our team of professional translators at the UK office can handle any language, no matter if you need translation from Polish, Chinese, Bengali, Gujarati, French, Urdu, Arabic, or any other language, we are able to give you just that, at a price you will find affordable.

Certified Translation for USCIS

Certified translation for USCIS

Are you going through the hassle of dealing with USCIS? Would you like to continue your education as a foreigner in the US or looking to get a job in the US? Various requirements are to be met, and one of them is the translation of your documents if they’re not in English.

Instead of going to the first freelancer you can find and face rejection, come to us. We provide certified translation for USCIS or for any other office in the US and all our translations come with guaranteed acceptance. We deliver in under a day, we work with 120 languages and we are one of the most affordable translation companies in the US.

Our translators at the office in Coral Gables are experienced in translating legal documents and your translation will follow all the rules imposed by the office requiring it. What you get is an accurate translation and a certificate of accuracy signed and stamped by us, ready to be submitted anywhere in the States.

In some cases, a notarized translation may be needed, and we are able to do that as well. Come visit our offices or order online and enjoy getting your translation just the way you want it, in due time, without having to worry about rejection.

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What our clients say

Why Are We the Right Choice?

Our Strategy is Based Upon Quality.

NordicTrans has access to the most up-to-date and appropriate terminology such as industry related lexicons. The translators are also provided with online and easily manageable terminology resources. This helps to improve and guarantee quality, cuts editing time and enhances the effectiveness of the message from the first stages of the project.

All projects no matter their size go through our rigorous translation process where 3 different linguists, natives of your target language and highly experienced in your field, are assigned to translate, edit and proofread. The translation is then checked by our quality assurance team and is finally being delivered to you along with a quality report. Despite having to go through so many stages, we are ensuring fast delivery for every project, as by using our effective project management system, we are able to quickly assign the best linguists to each task, cutting waiting times and decreasing costs at the same time.

NordicTrans memory technology allows for previously translated materials to be utilized. This saves the client even more time and money.

NordicTrans High Quality Translation Services
swedish english translate

Swedish-English Translate.

When it comes to our agency, we are highly proficient in all Nordic languages. Whether you are looking for a Swedish To English translate option or the other way round, you can get it all here.
Our commitment to being the summit of Nordic language translation services in the whole Europe has rendered us to enhance our expertise in diverse areas. As everyone is aware how indispensable linguistic services are in the digital world, we are working constantly on the provision of quality.

Sweden is a country full of opportunities and if you are looking to translate your website or Facebook page for your Swedish audience, you can hire us. With native grip on the vernacular, our professionals will take care of every project while keeping a keen eye on the tiniest of details. In fact, you can even talk to our project manager before handing over your project so that you can have sufficient information regarding your needs.

scandinavian language translator

Scandinavian Language Translator

Are you looking for a Scandinavian Language translator? Well, if you are, let us give you some good news. This website is your chance to have quality, integrity and skill, all at one place.

Since our company was formed, we had only one objective at the forefront, offering Scandinavian language services all across the Europe.

We wanted to be the emblem of quality translation services in the Nordic region but here we are, a global clientele empowering our enterprise in unimaginable ways.

Whether you want to expand your business through a contract, a website or app localization or you have an individual need for an official purpose, we can cater to your particular purpose without any trouble at all.

If you think that your desired Scandinavian language is somewhat difficult for us, you are terribly wrong. Our list of services can give you a fair insight into what our experts are capable of and how fluent they are in their native dialects.

english to nordic translation

English To Nordic Translation

The Nordic region is known for its festivals, especially the ones that are related to seasons. The rich and lively culture that the high spirited people of this area share among them, is something that has been predominant for centuries. As a matter of fact, the region and the residents have become the sign of their cultural journey. In a world where every trend changes rapidly, these fun lovers never leave their heritage behind.

As much as the Nordic countries are popular, they’ll always have a tie with our most popular UK and English to Nordic translation will always be needed by different areas of life.

However, with our agency, you have mental peace that you will be entertained for all the linguistic services that you might require. Living in the Europe, you have a translation partner that you can trust with all your projects irrespective of the nature of your task.

Nordic Translator.

Are you still wondering where you could find a Nordic translator? time to end your search today. We have the best Nordic translators from all across the Europe, highly efficient and professionally skilled in their relative fields and languages.

Growing up in the region has given them the advantage of knowing every dialect and terminology like the back of their hand. And this is why they’re an inseparable part of our translation family. Each of our expert has spend considerable time in their specific industries and can deliver in the most succinct way possible.

If you think that you need someone from a special place, don’t hesitate and talk to us about your project. We assure you that we will link you up with the most suitable candidate for your job. You can go through the services that we provide and there you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

nordic translator
scandinavian translation

Scandinavian Translation.

We offer Scandinavian translations of all kinds. Our categories have been established keeping in view the needs of shifting trends. Our company has the policy of providing the most accurate translations for immigration, businesses, legal, medical, and everything in between.

But our list of services is not limited to the one that we have on our website. In fact, we constantly update our language combinations, services and of course, we encourage our translators to learn more about their fields. They research and incorporate new ideas, updates and more to make their work even more convincing for the customers.

We also offer substantial discounts to companies who chose us for their long term or regular projects. If you work for a company where you have to deal with international or European clients on a daily basis, you can talk to us and make us your linguistic assistants. This will save you from hiring new freelancers everyday and you’ll also get compliance and quality of working with a world renowned agency.

finnish translation services

Finnish Translation Services.

Being the number one Nordic linguistic service, is there a chance we could ever forget Finnish Translation services?

Well, not a chance.

It is one of the most dominants languages of the Nordic region. Interestingly, it is said to be an easy task for English speakers to learn the Finnish language. Moreover, there are millions who can speak and understand both the languages. Yet there are times when you need to get a properly transformed version of your documents.

With our native translators on board, we cater to all your Finnish translation requirements. Whether it’s related to something purely personal, business or official, we have the best team that will deliver. You can even get your rushed projects without paying any additional costs. Our quality service speaks for itself and our dedication to our clients make us the best agency.

If you or any of your acquaintance requires our expertise, please feel free to talk to us anytime.

norwegian translation services

Norwegian Translation Services

Norway is one of the most progressive countries of Europe. With the residents having the best salaries and the best facilities, it is a dream country for millions living in the third world countries. What most people seldom realize is that if they are to move there, they must have documents translated in the Norwegian language.

Moreover, the exciting business opportunities call for more than just marketing the product or service there. You must have a website translated in the Norwegian language as well. Our app localization service is another way to give your targeted audience a better option to use your products, get instant notifications on deals and discounts. Social media is the most proactive medium for promotions and announcements and by using our assistance, you can use it to your advantage.

Whatever it is that you have on your mind, we can provide with trust and confidence. We further offer review option so that you can get satisfied with the ultimate results.

translate english to nordic

Translate English To Nordic

Our company is like a savior for those who are looking to translate English to Nordic languages, especially if you are living in the UK, and you have an urgent need to get things done.

Our office is in Birmingham but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach us if you live somewhere else in England. Online services are as elaborate and detailed as the ones you can hope to find in our office. When you are a traveler and your job requirement is to go places and talk to people who speak different Nordic languages, your first thought would be to learn their lingos or to take some kind of an interpreter along. Well, both these solutions are almost impossible but what you can do quite easily is have a good service like ours on your side for every translation need that might arise while you’re on your official business.

Do you know notarized translation cost?

Swedish To English Translation.

At Nordic Trans, We provide Swedish to English translation services at the most comforting prices. While everything else is getting pricy and out of hands, we aspire to be the company you can always trust to be the best.

A country like Sweden where people feel proud of speaking in their language, an English speaker can easily get lost. And when you are an immigrant there requiring some sort of assistance with your official documents, you definitely need our help.

We emphasize on hiring knowledgeable, native professionals. With them being on our staff, we also go an extra mile to connect the right individual with our customers depending upon the special requirement of theirs. It is a matter of huge pleasure for us to be of service to one of the most significant continents of the planet. This is due to our unshakable devotion and passion towards serving our clients worldwide.

swedish to english translation
scandinavia translate

Scandinavia Translate.

Scandinavia translate companies were not as popular back in the day when translations were only required for limited reasons. People seldom traveled in and out of the Europe, and of course, for very particular time period and reasons.

Times have now changed. Everyone is traveling now, some for business, some for tourism and some for studies and jobs. And this immense pressure on immigration has procured them to make laws that immigrants must follow and serve both in the best interest of the traveler and the destination country.

Even in the past, certificates were required by the authorities at the time of visa applications and the need to translate the important documents was present even back then. However, in the US, certification has become a compulsion for all immigrants. This means that if you are in a Scandinavian country, planning to move to the US, you’ll need our services for sure.

scandinavian to english translator

Scandinavian To English Translator

As we have already mentioned the emerging need of Scandinavian to English translations, we’d like to add that we can serve you with confidentiality. If you want to translate a document that contains sensitive information and it must be kept private, we guarantee full secrecy. We are proud that we are aware of the business ethics and we have trained our staff to deal with things in the similar manner.

In instances where you are requested by the immigration office to abide by the law and submit a specifically asked certificate or affidavit, you have no other option than to comply. But with Nordic Trans, you have the benefit of having the right people on your side. For every important document of yours, we’ll provide the required interpretation as needed.

So stop over thinking about protecting your personal or official information as we have some rules that we always follow and your privacy is also among the top.

norwegian translation services

Norwegian Translation Services

One thing that we are most certain about is that we are the top source of Norwegian translation services, without regard to any project that you have in line.

We love every Nordic country and this is why we took the responsibility of making the region self-sufficient in language services assistance. We work in close coordination with language experts belonging to the European continent and they have helped us in setting up the list of the most crucial language combinations according to the requirements of the natives.

On the other hand, we understand that we must also serve those who are far from home and can only rely on the local expertise, the very reason why we offer our online services. In this time and world, leaving a room on a building located in the suburban areas is as tough as it was a long time ago. Moreover, you have a computer screen in front of you that allows you faster access.

Translate Norwegian To English Website.

According to the digital marketing experts, half the advertisement is done through the right kind of website. If it’s not appealing, it’s not going to catch any attention. From the designing and the user interface to the e-commerce settings, and logo designing, everything marks your success or failure. Strategists suggest that you must invest carefully while setting up your digital presence as you can easily get lost in the abyss and there will be no saving.

Even when you are smart enough to make the wise decision of finding the professional web designers, you need more, just like you need to offer a translate Norwegian to English website option.

If you have spent time and resources in building something so extraordinary, why keep it limited to just one country, nation or ethnicity. The power of translation can bring you more revenue and even more customers. So don’t waste any more time thinking, try our services today!

translate norwegian to english website
translate from norwegian to english

Translate From Norwegian To English.

If you were on a hunt for the best place for Nordic translations, what would you consider as a qualification?

Especially, if your biggest concern is to find an authentic person who can translate from Norwegian to English, where would you look up? To all these questions, we have an answer that is logical and based on a fact that differentiates others from us, and that is, our team. We have chosen only the best people for your tasks. Considering that your business requirements must be met only by the professionals who have spent their lives in the European region.

Our screening process is extremely detailed. We go through the qualifications of our translators and ensure that they are capable enough to work in our company. Most of our members have years of experience working in the industry and can deliver just the kind of work you are wishing for.

translators norwegian

Translators Norwegian

Have you ever been so desperate to find a linguistic service that you would want only the best translators, Norwegian ones? Well, most likely the reason could be either related to a business startup in Norway or an expansion project in the region.

In any case, your idea would be to seek the extraordinary, and here we are, ready to solve all your translation issues without letting you wait for even a minute. With our love chat option, connecting with us is super easy. Just send us a message and discuss your concern in detail. We can also provide assistance in finding particular information about any given translation. We are proud that our agency has been a source of relief for those who were earlier worried about finding the right person for the right job in the Nordic world.

So if you are ready to make some ties within or outside the country, we can help you with all your documentation.

translate english to nordic

Translate English To Nordic

As a company functioning as a connection between the rest of the world and Europe, we comprehend that the responsibility of translating in a multitude of languages and in a reciprocating manner, is essential. For example, we know that customers can be from both sides of the world and can request for different types, such as you might need to translate English to Nordic, instead of the other way around, so we stay prepared.

It is our promise to our customers that we’ll never disappoint them in any way, whether it comes to communication, quality of work, prices or diversity in services, we like to stay an all-rounder. We have prolific professionals who can interpret incredibly well in all Nordic languages including Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic and many others. Their grip on local dialects is also a plus. So stay assured that each of your Translation will be done with efficiency and quality.

nordic translator

At Nordic Trans, every Nordic translator is fully dedicated to his work. Their love for languages is what persuades them to deliver with perfection every time. They thoroughly enjoy working on various projects and categories. For them, there is no limit to the vastness of their work. You require anything for the immigration, they are ready to translate, you want something for your website, their localization expertise is right on the table and if you have some emergency situation and you need something urgent pertaining to your medical or legal needs, they are absolutely prepared to meet your criteria.

And we value their presence and their devotion. Without them, it would not have been possible for us to run such a huge and delivering enterprise. We consider our company, our workers and our customers as a big family which relies on each other for a better and progressive life, because we are more than just a translation company, we are the connection between all of us.

scandinavian translate

Scandinavian translate companies are mostly meant for converting texts from English into one of the Scandinavian languages. But we offer more. We have established a platform where we have translators from both sides taking care of immediate and distant needs.

If you are a student living in the Nordic region, looking forward to get admission in a university in the UK, we can provide diploma translations for your visa application at the UK immigration office. Our company can also create a customized plan for you according to your university requirements.

We offer reliable, professional and high quality services for local and foreign languages alike. We ensure that you can rely on our expertise.

We have spent almost two decades in the industry and during our professional journey, we have accomplished a lot. We are deeply indebted to our clients for their love and trust. And all their support encourages us to do more.

translate nordic to english

We can translate Nordic to English for all your documents, websites, social media posts & more. If it’s on your list, it’s what we can provide.

Nordic Trans came into existence with the vision of becoming the epitome of language services for the European audience, and we are glad that we have reached the top spot with our efforts and honesty. Our company is the living proof of commitment to the cause behind.

With our 24/7 customer support, live chat option, fastest turnaround, highest quality and professionalism, we are the name that is trusted by millions. You can request a quote and acquire it instantly. We are offering the lowest rates yet we have different options for you to choose. You can go for our per word rate or per page rate. And you have the liberty to compare our prices with others. The best part, we provide the same accuracy that you get after spending thousands of dollars while we do the same at the tiniest fraction of the total price. So who do you choose? The choice is all yours.


Effective translation project management and communication between project managers and our clients is very important for us. Therefore we have created online project management access for our clients.

With this access you can:

Accept a quote online

View your ongoing quotes and projects

See the status of your projects

Check the status of your invoices

Communicate about reopened projects

Reply to our translators’ questions faster

As soon as we set up your first translation project, your account will be created automatically. Please contact us for more details.

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