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Is The Netherlands Part of Scandinavia?

In the vast and fascinating lands of Europe, lies a beautiful country called the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a northwestern European country that neighbors Germany in the west, Belgium in the south, the North Sea in the northwest, and United Kingdom through maritime borders. It has twelve provinces and is sometimes referred to as Holland by the Dutch People.

Is Sweden part of the Netherlands

Is Sweden Part of The Netherlands?

Do you know the four Nordic Countries? And what about the Netherlands? Well, there’s a debate going on nowadays where people compare the Netherlands with the Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with the four countries sharing aspects of culture and diet, and regularly nabbing the top spots in happiness, health, and wealth tables across the board.

climate meaning in English

What Is the Climate Meaning in English?

Where do you live and what’s the climate of your country? Do you live in a country with a pleasant or moderate climate? And what climate do you prefer? Rainy or sunny? Well, these questions might give you an idea about this article. Yes! This article will be exploring all about climate. But, firstly let’s start with a brief introduction to this term.

cultural traditions

What Are Cultural Traditions?

It is human nature to be curious about the lifestyle of their fellow beings. Imagine the World before the internet, when we did not know how people in Korea and Japan live. We are still curious about literature, languages, cuisines, traditions, and events of different world areas thanks to the internet most of the things we now know. One of these things is cultural traditions. Cultural traditions are practices of a specific group for an extended time.


What are the German speaking countries?

You might already know that German is not just the language of Germany; a lot of other countries speak German as well. It is one top ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It has 105 million native German speakers around the world, and around 80 million people, who don’t live in German-speaking countries, speak the German Language as their second language.