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Germanic Language

Is Swedish A Germanic Language?

All of us have people in life that bring us immense happiness. Just the thought of them brings a smile to our face. There are also things like that in the world whose idea is pretty satisfying to us. We think of them and our mood instantly gets better. There are things you may have never seen in life, places you may have never been to, but their power always keep you fascinated by them.

Finnish vs Swedish

Finnish vs Swedish Facts

After spending all these years on earth, it should come as no surprise to us that all our actions, behaviors, and emotions affect the world. Things and people around us cannot live in their isolated bubbles. Even if someone says they love being alone, they can’t be on their own at all times. It wasn’t possible before either but capitalism has made sure that we come in contact with each other on regular basis.

Indonesian Speak

What Language Do Indonesian Speak?

There are more than seven billion people in the world which is why it is impossible to get to know every single one of them. But luckily for us, people can be divided according to their nationalities or cultures for the purpose of study. We can learn about a group of people by studying their culture. No matter where people go in the world, they will continue to practice their culture. This is why we can study a culture in various ways.

Swedish speaker support

What Language Do Swedish Speak?

Every house has a different system. Only those living inside it know how it operates and their struggles cannot be comprehended by anyone else. No one surveys home to figure out the life inside them. But the same isn’t true for countries. The lifestyle of a society isn’t something that happens behind closed doors, it is out in the open. There are methods in place to measure the quality of life in countries and based on the results of those tests, each state gets a special rating on a scale.