We are a recognised international translation company focusing specifically on the Scandinavian languages.

It was in 1999 when everything started. In Scandinavia, the celebration of midsummer in June is considered as the most important event of the year. It was during this celebration that a group of Scandinavians created a partnership and agreed on the formation of an international translation company. Today, NordicTrans is a market leading translation agency specialising in all four Scandinavian languages:

Nordic Languages Translation Services

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Swedish Translation Services

The choice is clear when it comes to Swedish translation services — NordicTrans! With a staff of highly trained and well-equipped native language speakers, NordicTrans is ready to take on small jobs for entrepreneurs or scale up to handle large jobs for multi-national companies.

Finnish Translation Services

NordicTrans has become a leader in translating Finnish documents, projects and files throughout all language groups. Finnish companies that require translation have come to rely on us to be the best. Companies from around the world who want to do business in Finland have found us to be ready to meet all their Finnish translation needs.

Norwegian Translation Services

NordicTrans is the leading provider of Norwegian Translations. With our professional staff of dedicated native speakers, we can finish your project on time, every time. Speed is of the essence, but quality is never compromised to deliver with speed and proficiency.

Danish Translation Services

NordicTrans is a recognised global translation company and provider of Danish translation services. With over 9 years of experience in the Danish Translations Market no other agency can provide you the quality in Danish Translations at our price.

Why Are We the Right Choice?
Our Strategy is Based Upon Quality

NordicTrans has access to the most up-to-date and appropriate terminology such as industry related lexicons. The translators are also provided with online and easily manageable terminology resources. This helps to improve and guarantee quality, cuts editing time and enhances the effectiveness of the message from the first stages of the project.

NordicTrans memory technology allows for previously translated materials to be utilised. This saves the client time and money.

Very Effective Project Management

Swedish translation servicesEffective translation project management and communication between project managers and our clients is very important for us. Therefore we have created online project management access for our clients.

With this access you can:

- Accept a quote online
– View your ongoing quotes and projects
– See the status of your projects
– Check the status of your invoices
– Communicate about reopened projects
– Reply to our translators’ questions faster

As soon as we set up your first translation project, your account will be created automatically. Please contact us for more details.

ISO Qualified Translations

We are an ISO qualified company and work with the strict rules of the ISO qualification.


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